Pray This Prayer If You’re Ready for God to Move in Your Life


Whether you're in a season of desperation where unless God moves mightily on your behalf all could fade away as lost, or in a season of immense hunger to know Him and His ways more—this prayer is for you.

This is a prayer for the bold in heart, for the eager clamoring for His might, power and presence to be on full display in and through your life. This is a prayer, that once prayed, changes everything.

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This prayer releases permission to the King of Kings and Lord of Lords to have His way, unbridled and intentionally. It’s a prayer of surrender and determination to see everything changed. But it’s also a prayer that could cost you more than you’ve yet imagined or planned on. It’s a prayer fueled by picking up the daily cross and walking, standing, embracing all that His ways decree. It’s a prayer that says “less of me, more of you God—have you’re way.

It’s a prayer that I hope you’ll pray with me.

Heavenly King, I love you. I need you. I ask that you would come, that you would come in power. That you would come in might. That you would change me from the inside out. I ask, Lord that you would release grace, mercy and power from heaven for me to pursue you with bliss, vigor and passion. I ask, Lord that you would hold nothing back. That you would make me hungry. That you would renew my mind and heal my heart. Give me eyes to see, Lord and ears to hear. I lay my life down at your feet. I bring everything I dream of, everything I long for, everything I love and hold dear and I lay it at your feet. I ask for Isaac’s Lord. I ask for the widow’s mite. I ask for the impossible commissioinings. I ask for moments of your voice commanding that which defies logic. I ask to know you, to see you, to behold you in all your glory. I ask for the immense privilege of trusting you above all else. Would you help my stubborn heart and the “no” on my lips? Would you help my unbeleif, Lord? I cry out for a “yes” to be ignited deep in my being. A cry so deep, so unquenchable that I’m propelled deeper into the knowledge of you and your greatness, your goodness, your kindness, your steadfastness. I ask for your mysteries, Lord. I ask that you would count me as one that can be trusted with them. Would you make me into that person, Lord? Help me to think like you think. To see like you see. To move like you move. Keep me on a short leash, Lord. Gently guiding me along the path, the one singular path that will and can ever bring me life. Would you use me, Lord? Would you use the laid down heart cry I’m giving you today to change this world? To change lives? To change my neighborhood and city? The life I’m living Lord, it’s not enough. I need to have more of you. I need to have more of you, in the here and now. I need to see your love redeem everywhere I go, for your glory, oh King. Jesus, would you come? Would you come and burn forth through my life? Would you come and shake free everything that is not of you in my life?Would you come and make me obsessed with everything that you care about? More of you, Lord. Less of me. Change me from the inside out, oh King.

Amen, King, amen.