STOP and PRAY This Powerful Prayer for Australia


Would you join us in praying for Australia until its lands are once again at rest?

One of my favorite quotes on prayer was uttered by World War II faith giant Corrie Ten Boom, a woman that lived through, in unwavering faith, the unimaginable atrocities perpetrated by Hitler.

It was in the face of those seemingly undefeatable atrocities that Corrie declared these words on prayer:

The wonderful thing about praying is that you leave a world of not being able to do something, and enter God’s realm where everything is possible. He specializes in the impossible. Nothing is too great for His almighty power. Nothing is too small for His love.

Corrie knew the diabolical extinction of Jews under Hitler’s reign was something that human hands couldn’t alone stop. In other words, she knew that a Nazi defeat needed to be handled by the only God who specializes in the impossible—Christ. So daily, Corrie paired her intentional action of hiding and saving Jews with a passionate faith-filled prayer life. And you know what? Her prayers joined a flow of global cries to see evil defeated and ultimately paved the way for supernatural aid to the allied forces time and time again.

Today we are taking a leaf out of Corrie’s book and crying out to a God that specializes in the impossible. We are praying in earnest knowing there is little we can actually do as the average person to bring an end to the fires currently consuming Australia—but God, He can do it. So together we pray, knowing He’ll hear us. Knowing He’ll show Himself strong.

Recently, international best-selling author, speaker and pastor Pete Greig posted a prayer that so passionately embodies this truth. So, we are sharing his prayer in hopes that as a community we can pray it together, and keep praying it—storming heaven with prayer amunition until Australia is once again at rest.

In his prayer, Greig writes, “We pray today for those who’ve lost homes or even loved ones in the fires. ‘Father of compassion and God of all comfort’ give strength to the emergency services fighting the fire, resilience to medics tending the sick and compassion to pastors conducting funerals and binding up broken hearts.”

“We also ask you to give wisdom to politicians as they seek to respond effectively to this crisis and as they begin to review long term environmental policies in light of this disaster too.”

“Forgive us, Lord, for the damage we are doing by exploiting our environment and failing to care for your creation. We find ourselves confronted once again by the terrifying fragility of life. Have mercy on us.”

Greig concludes, “The psalmist says that you ‘cover the sky with clouds, and supply the earth with rain.’ (147:8‬). Would you hear our desperate prayers, redirect the winds and send heavy unseasonal rains upon millions of acres currently ablaze in the beautiful land of Australia? Amen.”

Would you join us in praying this prayer?