PRAY—Fire Chief Battling Cancer, Awaiting New Liver: How to Help


Middletown Ohio's beloved fire chief, Paul Lolli, needs a new liver and our help.

Members of the Middletown Fire Department have come up with a creative way to support their chief, Paul Lolli, and his search for a lifesaving liver as he battles cancer, Fox 19 reports.

Lolli, 59, who has served with the fire department for 27 years, was diagnosed with kidney and liver cancer two-years-ago. He has since undergone chemotherapy and radiation treatments while continuing to work every day.

“Some days are harder than others,” he told Fox 19. “There have been times when I have had to take a week off here, a week off there, when I have had to have procedures done.”

As he waits and continues to fight, members of the Middletown Firefighters Local 336 are selling T-shirts in his honor and to raise money, Journal News shares.

“It wasn’t so much about raising money. It had more to do with just showing him that, hey, we are here for you, and when you’re too tired to fight, let us fight for you, Middletown Fire Captain Jon Harvey said. “We want him to know that we’re thinking of him and we’re behind him. We are taking up the fight for him. Like I have always said, ‘No one circles the wagons like firefighters.’”

Shirts are available for pre-order until June 28th and the money raised will go directly to Lolli to aide in his fight.

Blown away by the support from his family, the Fire Department and other members of the Middletown community Lolli exclaimed, “I am really humbled they wanted to do something to reach out and support and help me… It’s a fantastic thing.”

The T-shirts are black, green and white with the phrase “Together We Are Strong,” along with Lolli’s last name and the word “Fight” on a fire ax within a flag design.

You can purchase a shirt here.