‘Immediately I Got Chills’: Police Officer Shares Emotional Testimony, Stranger Kindly Prays for Her


Officer Lewis shares a deeply moving testimony of a stranger at a gas station asking to pray for her. The interaction is an unforgettable one. Watch here.

What began with seeing a simple video of a toddler walking around hugging every person regardless of skin color turns into an emotional encounter with love and with God for officer Lewis.

Inspired by the pure love the little one had shown, Lewis shares about posting the video on her Facebook captioning it “be the change you want to see.” She also gave a challenge to her friends to be that change by hugging or complimenting someone that’s a different color when interacting with that person. She was not expecting what happened next.

The next day Lewis was running low on gas so she stopped at a gas station on her way to work. As she stood waiting at the pump she recounts a caucasian taxi driver approaching her. He wondered if he could ask her a question—his question pleasantly took her by surprise, “Could I pray for you?” he asked.

Lewis responds, “Sure, of course! There’s never enough prayer.”

At this point, Lewis highlights the fact that she was just complaining about the heat, especially for it still being early.

The man continues by saying, “My sister is a police officer in New Orleans. I just want to pray for you. In times like this, I understand what’s going on. I understand what’s going on with the differences with the races and the racism and I understand how people look at all officers and that shouldn’t be, but I just wanted to cover you.”

Reflecting on the interaction and overwhelmed with emotion, Lewis says, “Immediately I got chills. This man prayed over me and I got chills immediately.”

Photo source: Lewis Monique/Facebook

As tears stream down her face, she continues, “I gave him a hug even with COVID-19. I gave him a hug because I realized that God was working. He spoke to me last night and I shared that video. And He spoke to me. He showed me how the power of the tongue and prayer and that I was being the example that I want to see. And it came right back to me fold. And I didn’t see it coming.”

Lewis finishes the touching testimony reminding everyone to “be mindful what you pray on.” What a beautiful reminder that there is power in your words. Watch the full video here:

Posted by Lewis Monique on Friday, June 5, 2020