Police Officer Goes Above and Beyond for Child with Autism: ‘You Rarely See People Help’


A hero police officer calms autistic child down in the middle of an emotional breakdown with games and support for his single mother.


An officer goes above and beyond in helping a single mom with an autistic son on the train. Taylor Pomilla was riding the metro with her 4-year-old son Andrew in Washington, D.C. Andrew was having an extended 20-minute meltdown at the station. Officer Dominic Case came over to help the two and play with Andrew giving his mom a break. Officer Case was recognized for his dedicated service by the Metro Transit Police Department.

“Sometimes his emotions get too much. Too much for him to process and handle, and he goes to a point when it starts to turn into a meltdown. There really isn’t any way to calm him down. It’s just too much for him,” Pomilla shares.

Pomilla educates others saying, “A lot of people think that he’s a bad child, or I’m a bad parent. He doesn’t look autistic, but just because someone doesn’t look, doesn’t mean they aren’t. And that’s a lot of judging that comes first. I hate that because he’s so kind and wonderful, and he’s trying—but he just can’t.”

Officer Dominic Case with the Metro Transit Police came over and asked if he could help.

“He starts talking with Andrew and showing him all his gadgets. He then takes off his Velcro police badge from his vest and asks Andrew, ‘Can you be a policeman with me and help me do police work on the train?’” Pomilla shares on facebook. “He sat next to Andrew as he requested on the train, acted interested as he showed him silly videos, and he even made funny faces in the Instagram face filters when Andrew asked.”

Officer Case even let Andrew keep his police badge. “The fact that this was a ride where for once in my life I could just sit and breathe for a minute—I’ve never had that, it just felt amazing,” Pomilla tells. “That was not his job to go spend almost an hour with a child, take those funny pictures and do the dumb stuff,” Pomilla relates to Yahoo Lifestyle. “You rarely see people help.” Let us all be more loving and lend a helping hand to someone in need. Great job officer!