4 Podcasts to Breathe More Goodness into Your Life


Seeking uplifting podcasts for your daily commute? This rundown explores edifying and intimate conversations on the topics that matter most.


Everyone is raving about podcasts these days. However, the technology of simply having conversations or telling stories over radio-waves seems rather outdated in a society charging quickly forward with artificial intelligence and augmented reality.

What is it that makes podcasts so popular? No matter how much technology advances, humans were created to connect over meaningful conversations. Podcasts break through a crowded media landscape and offer the intimacy of a soul connection in a way that other media forums can’t quite offer.

No matter how much technology advances, humans were created to connect over meaningful conversations.

If you are seeking supportive and conversational podcasts in your life, check these ones out today!

Fun Therapy

Relevant Magazine has been leading the charge in thoughtful Christian dialogue since 2003. Fun Therapy is one of Relevant’s first podcast publications and it offers a fascinating dive into the minds of some of society’s most influential social-good and creative leaders.

4 Podcasts to Breathe More Goodness into Your Life

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Each episode is a dedicated conversation with one influencer who sits down with therapist Mike Foster for a vulnerable discussion surrounding the underlying “messy parts of their stories.” By diving in on specific psychological issues, universal truths that are applicable to all our lives begin to emerge.

Sounds Good with Branden Harvey

Branden Harvey is passionate about optimism and telling stories of hope. In every episode of Sounds Good with Branden Harvey, he sits down with creative world-changers to explore the dynamic ways that these leaders are moving the world towards a more just and beautiful place. If the news is leading to more stress in your life, check out these compelling stories of hope to warm and encourage your heart.

Q Podcast

Q stands for “questions.” Founded by Gabe Lyons, what first began as a thoughtful and introspective Christian conference, has now grown into a full-fledged media powerhouse at the center of Christian intellectualism. Naturally, Q has launched a Q Podcast that serves to lend a Christian perspective on our country’s biggest and most relevant cultural moments.

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Episodes are brief, typically under 30 minutes, and each features a thought-leader engaging dynamically on a topic that is at the center of our current cultural zeitgeist. What emerges is an intellectual and bite-sized offering worth chewing on for the rest of the day.

Typology Podcast

There is no shortage of personality indicators out there, but a growing passion for the insights that the Enneagram offers proves to be a fascinating topic. The Enneagram is designed to reveal the depths of what motivates you and helps to reveal your greatest vulnerabilities. While there are ample great podcasts dedicated to the topic,  the Typology Podcast by Ian Morgan Crown dedicates each episode to one of the nine personality types and allows a featured guest to share their story of how their Enneagram number helps them better understand the ways to best navigate life.

Attending church on Sundays provides a great opportunity to establish a compassionate and thoughtful worldview However, adding podcasts like these into your regular weekly habits can help you further develop these insights into a lifestyle that impacts you daily. Take a listen!