Pit Bull Drags Baby by Diaper from Burning House Saving Whole Family


Sasha the pit bull is a family hero after she pulled a baby to safety and alerted a family of a deathly fire.


A truly remarkable story guaranteed to have you in tears and celebrating! Sasha the pit bull is being hailed a hero after alerting her entire family of a raging fire.

Nana Chaichanhda’s apartment in Stockton, California was next to an explosive fire that started in a neighbor’s apartment late at night. Sasha, Nana’s 8-month-old pit bull who was outside at the time, started barking at the door warning the sleeping family.

It was unlike Sasha to bark, so Nana went to check on her and quickly saw that the fire was quickly spreading throughout the surrounding apartment complex.

Sasha immediately ran inside to where Nana’s 7-month-old baby was sleeping. Sasha grabbed the baby by her diaper and started getting her out of the room. Nana soon ran in to grab the baby and the dog to run away from the fire.

Nana states, “If it wasn’t for her, I would have still been in bed and things could have taken a worse turn.” Pitbulls can be protective and caring dogs if we can look past their rough exteriors. Nana exclaims in good humor and good fortune that the pup managed to save their lives “She’s always been a part of the family now she just gets steak.”