Spreading Cheer for All To…See: People Hang Christmas Lights During Social Distancing


People are getting their Christmas lights back out to make life a little "lighter." If you’re stuck at home, you might as well make it a little prettier.

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Tré Goins-Phillips

It’s Christmas in March.

Americans all across the country are pulling the holiday decorations back out of the attic and from the garage, hoping to shed a little light into what has quickly become a dark and difficult season.

As the world is gripped by the coronavirus and the illness, known as COVID-19, continues to spread, people are looking for ways to encourage one another. Waiting for the light at the end of the tunnel, some people across the country are making light in the tunnel, too.

It makes sense, right? If you’re stuck at home, you might as well make home a little prettier.

One woman, Lisa St. Regis, said an elderly couple asked some friends of hers to turn on their Christmas lights “because there’s so much darkness and scariness now.”

Since we’re all home with plenty of extra time on our hands, maybe think about putting out some of your own Christmas lights. It can’t hurt, and it might inspire a few people, too.