‘Paul, Apostle of Christ’ Actor James Faulkner on Life-Altering Experience on Set


"Paul, Apostle of Christ" brings the story of this historical founding father of the church to life. James Faulkner plays the lead and opens up about his life-changing experience on set.


English actor James Faulkner, known for his roles in Game of Thrones and Downtown Abbey, shares a different side of himself in the new faith film “Paul, Apostle of Christ.” Faulkner recently described having a true encounter with a “different spirit” while on set. This “different spirit” he affirms was a reviving from the Holy Spirit of God Himself.

Faulkner tells CBN News “there is still some love in me and this may reawaken it, and it did. For me, it was a transformative experience to play Paul.” Faulkner admits to playing many villains but in regards to reciting the very words of Paul he comments “you cannot say those words, without believing them, you cannot say those words without it changing you.” Faulkner considered himself “Anglican-Light” before playing Paul, he states concerning his faith “I have some questions myself as a result of playing Paul and I view the world differently and my fellow human beings differently [now].”

Even Faulkner’s wife noticed a change in her husband while filming. Faulkner cites, “My wife was amazed at the difference in me. She said, ‘If only you can be like this all the time. It’s fantastic, you’re filled with a completely different spirit.’” In an interview with Catholic Digest, he states “I hope I can hang on to a bit of Paul, It opened me up, made me a lot more patient, a lot more loving and a lot more forgiving.

The team behind the film is just as inspiring. Jim Caviezel plays the role of Luke in the film, this is Caviezel’s, first return to a biblical film since the 2004 breakout film “The Passion of the Christ.” The director Andrew Hyatt, who also wrote the script, relates to Paul personally, walking away from the Lord for many years, then describing his conversion back to Christ as a Damascus experience (Acts 9).

The film was a hit grossing over $21 million dollars at the box office worldwide. Faulkner describes himself as having more humility, love for mankind and a belief in redemption for himself. It is incredible to see the fruits of the spirit on display for someone who did consider themselves to be super close to God. It is remarkable to see God using Faulkner in this role to bring one of the founding fathers of the church to life.