Could This One Thing Be What’s Ending 50% of Christian Marriages?


If you're single, dating or married, this is a message from Pastor Michael Todd you can't afford to miss. Don't be another statistic—be the answer. 

Let’s have the hard relational talk we’ve all been probably avoiding—it’s time. I know it’s time. You know it’s time. And Pastor Michael Todd definitely knows it’s time.

In this week’s Take Me to Church sermon soundbite, we’re going there.

Pastor Michael begins by not mincing his much-needed and thought-provoking words, “The statistics say that 50% of all marriages end in divorce. The staggering thing about that is that the figure for Christian marriages are almost the same.”

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“So why!? If we’ve got God and the Holy Spirit, songs, worship and accountability—why is it ending up the same? I want to suggest to you that it may not be a relationship problem, it may be a singleness problem.”

“And God wants to deal with our singleness.”

Pastor Michael Todd goes on to break down what a healthy relationship journey looks like:

STEP 1: Singleness
STEP 2: Intentional Dating
STEP 3: Engagement
STEP 4: Marriage
STEP 5: Love

He’s asked, “Now, Pastor Michael—Why would you say love, after marriage. I need to know I love them before marriage.”

To which Pastor Michael answers, “Have you read 1 Corinthians 13? Cause the type of stuff you have to do to really love somebody, I don’t know if you can truly do that in a full manner without sacrificing and giving up a lot for that person.”

“I truly believe that you can like somebody a whole, whole, whole, whole, whole, bunch—but until you have to give to that person like Christ gave for the church—laid down His life and sacrificed it…”

Pastor Micheal goes on to say, “There are certain things you don’t learn [about truly loving someone] until you’re in the covenant.”

“Let me prove it to you: How much did you love God before you accepted Him as Christ? Most of us didn’t learn to love God until after we got in covenant with Him.”

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So many people get married out of lust, instead of love, Kingdom love. Their definition of love was and is more rooted in lust and brokenness than Christ-centered covenant.

If you’re single, dating or married, this is a message you can’t afford to miss. Don’t be another statistic—be the answer.