Oscars Makes History: 2 Performances From Faith Movies Receive Standing Ovations


This past Sunday, history was made at the Oscars when two stand-out faith-films from this year received acclaim and the applause of Hollywood's elite.

The Oscars is not a typical event one would associate with the Christian faith. However, this week at the 92nd Academy Awards in Hollywood, California history was made when two performances from faith films Breakthrough and Harriet received standing ovations.

Stars from both films took to the stage last Sunday, utterly captivating the audience as they performed. This is Us standout star, Chrissy Metz performed I’m Standing With You from Breakthrough. And Cynthia Erivo of fan-favorite Harriet performed Stand Up. Both songs were nominated for the best original song category.

Breakthrough recounts the true story of Joyce Smith who lost her son, John, in a tragic accident only to immediately pursue the King of Heaven in fervent prayer for his life to be saved. Dead for 45 minutes, John miraculously began to breathe again, his life fully restored—a documented miracle that many consider the greatest miracle of modern time in America.

Harriet portrays the true story of one of this nation’s most heroic figures, Harriet Tubman. We all learned about her era-defining missions on the Underground Railroad while in school. However, what very few schools ever highlighted was that Harriet—branded “Moses” at the time by both those that marveled at and were angered by her exploits—was unquestionably led by God. Something deeply felt throughout Erivo’s performance.

Both performances received standing ovations and left us as viewers with chills!