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Welcome to Brooklyn


Welcome to Brooklyn! Brooklyn Wagner has a lot to say. About everything, really. She understands people and relationships, she always stops to celebrate the small things and she may not know what she is destined to be just yet, but she knows exactly what she isn’t… and isn’t that a start? (Bonus points: She also knows how to pickle things.) Join us each week as we delve deeper into the delightfully blunt and boisterously random brain of Brooklyn.

Welcome to Brooklyn episodes

‘He’s Going to Love Creation Through Creation’: Why Isn’t God Touchable?

Brooklyn Wagner ponders why we have skin (and eyes, and bones, and everything else) when God doesn't. A friend offers a helping hand.

This Is What Will Fix Your Bad Day

Does a bad day have to stay that way? Brooklyn Wagner gives us the 1-2-3 on how to shake off those bad day blues.

How to Stop Worrying About the Future

Facing the future can be formidable. Brooklyn Wagner offers sage advice on how to deal with the big 'what ifs' in life.

We’re Not Perfect, and That’s OK: Welcome to Brooklyn

Brooklyn gets real and opens up about who she is by explaining who she is not. Owning your imperfections is hard, but as she shows, it's also kind of fun.

Why It’s OK If You’re Not Married Yet

In the game of life, there's no one right way to play. Brooklyn examines her choice to be independent as an adult as opposed to marrying right away. Here's why it's okay if you're not married yet.

How to Tackle That To-Do List

In the eternal struggle between motivation and procrastination, Brooklyn is your mentor on how to turn your 'to-do' list to a 'totes done' list.

Why Having a Whole Heart Is the Best

Brooklyn Wagner has used the word "wholeheartedness" her whole life. But see how it recently took on a whole new meaning for her.

The Upside to Living in a Small Town

What's the saying? Good people come from small places? No, but it should be! Get to know Brooklyn as she talks us through her tiny hometown, 4H shows and all. Oh the perks of small town living!

Be a Good Roommate Like This

For everyone who has to share or will share their living space, Brooklyn Wagner offers some hard-earned wisdom on how to be a great roommate.

How to Be There for Family and Friends Despite the Distance

When someone moves, a small distance can feel like the other side of the world. Brooklyn Wagner explores how friends can connect despite the distance.

Get Inspired and Do What You Love

Passion sparks passion. Brooklyn Wagner talks about searching for inspiration in the things that fire others up.

Dealing with Attention Deficiency

Focus? What's that? Brooklyn Wagner explores how paying attention well can look different for different people.

Why It’s Okay to Ask for Help, Why Not Start Today?

Why is asking for help so hard? It's a problem that Brooklyn Wagner shares and addresses in this 'helpful' episode.

This Is How to Really Celebrate Life

Celebrate celebration! Brooklyn Wagner talks about the importance of celebration and shares her best tips on honoring yourself and your friends.

The Art of Getting People to Hang Out

Convincing people to spend time together comes naturally for Brooklyn. Listen as she shares some tips to master the hang out!

Here’s How to Tell a Good Story: Welcome to Brooklyn

We all love stories! They entertain, inform and connect us, BUT sometimes they flop. Brooklyn Wagner shares her tips to help you always compel.

Don’t Fall to the Pressure of Marketing: Welcome to Brooklyn

A shampoo bottle sends Brooklyn Wagner into an existential crisis, but it all comes back around to a positive message about marketing. No, really.

Don’t Be a Hater—Use Your Online Powers for Good

Brooklyn talks through the perilous pastime of becoming a 'hater' on the internet. Don't hate, appreciate. Use your online powers to brighten the world, not drag it down.