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Aaron White is a poet, husband, motivational speaker and father who has a very unique way of getting his messages heard: spoken word. Truthmark gives White a new platform to share his unique perspective on life through his slam poetry, covering everything from happiness in the age of consumerism to the joys of parenthood. His wife Viergeni pops in for some rhymes of her own when they go deep into celebrating her baby bump and being new parents.

Truthmark episodes

The Story of a Fatherless Child: When Father’s Day Is a Day of Forgiveness

For most, Father's Day is a celebration of the one man whose love and dedication has meant the most. But for many others, it is a day of hurt over an absent father—a day that often requires a different kind of celebration, forgiveness.

Make These Your Marriage Goals Toady

This couple is the definition of #marriagegoals—they'll have each other's backs through the highs and low. Marriage isn't easy, but their #MarriageGang game is strong.

Recalibrate Your Dreams with the ‘Habit of Newness’

What matters to you now? It's easy to hold on to what's familiar, but don't let what's easy keep you from your dreams and the true you. Always keep evolving. Always keep moving. Recalibrate your dreams with the "habit of newness."

A Father’s Stunning Message for His Unborn Daughter

Excitement—fear—joy! Follow this expectant father as he rides the rollercoaster of emotions associated with welcoming a baby into the world.

Where Do Dreams Go When They’re Never Put to Action?

Where should you keep your dreams? Hidden away for no one to see? No! You nurture them, care for them and then send them off into the world.

This Is the True Meaning of Family

Drop the beat on what it means to be a husband, a wife, a mother and a father. With commitment, love and respect at its core, here's a "wrap" on the meaning of family.

The Truth About Parenthood

Becoming parents can be quite an adjustment for a couple. But it can also be the catalyst to unlocking the door on a new realm of closeness.

This Dad Just Found Out He’s Having a Girl

A new dad sees the milestones throughout his child's life, all in the time it takes the doctor to say, "It's a girl." Welcome to fatherhood.

Don’t Wait for Happiness, Grab It Now!

Finding happiness is one of life's great quests. But thinking of it as a destination instead of a journey risks missing it when it's right in front of you.