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Totally Accurate History!


Kids say the darndest things! This series is like the G-rated version of the ever-hilarious “Drunk History,” giving kids the spotlight to tell their versions of how things happened. From explaining the extinction of the dinosaurs to detailing the bizarre history of the waffle, these precocious teachers are way more entertaining than a textbook… and maybe even a tiny bit right.

Totally Accurate History! episodes

The ‘True’ Story of Independence Day

Each Independence Day the U.S. celebrates its freedom from "bossy" Britain. Watch as kids explain what all the cake and fireworks are about!

Bet You Never Knew Music Was Invented This Way

Get the full details on how and where music started. From cavemen bangings to jazz, this mixed-up of history is full of fun.

‘One Giant Leap for Mankind’: The True Story of the First Moon Landing

Faked or not, the moon landing was totally out of the world! Learn the history behind Neil Armstrong's first steps on the moon from the "real" experts.

Waffle Wisdom! These Kids Explain Everything There Is to Know About Your Favorite Breakfast Treat

It started in a Belgium palace, but now graces breakfast plates everywhere. What is it? The waffle, of course! Learn the history of this "magnificent" food.

‘Ring, Ring!’ These Kids Have Some Interesting Facts About the Invention of the Telephone

Alexander Graham Bell invented the first flip phone, or something like that. Watch as kids retell the hilarious sort-of history of "can you hear me now?"

These Kid Experts Answer All Our Questions About George Washington

Curious about the first president? These kid experts fill in the blanks on George Washington. Learn how this wig-wearing leader made his mark on U.S. history.

The Wright Brothers and Their First Flight (With a Twist!)

Kids tell the fanciful history of the Wright Brothers and their fateful first flight. Learn what happened (plus some) in this "totally accurate" history.

The Real Story Behind the First Light Bulb

These adorable kid experts talk bamboo, SnapChat and Thomas Edison in this not-so-accurate history lesson on the invention of the light bulb.

Here’s What Really Happened at the First Thanksgiving

Want to know more about the Pilgrims? Just ask these kid experts! From 'thingys' to puzzles and really large turkeys, these kids have the full scoop on the first Thanksgiving.

What Happened to the Dinosaurs?

Find out what "really" happened to the dinosaurs as these adorable kid-experts explain all. You never know WHAT they'll say!

Bet You Didn’t Know This Side of Ancient Egypt

Wondering why the pyramids Egypt were so pointy? These kids (sort of) have all the answers. See their hilarious take on what makes ancient Egyptian history so great.