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A Tribute to Grandfather: Policewoman Shares Her Touching Story

The bond between an adult child and loving grandparents is immeasurable. This Whittier policewoman shares an extraordinary story of her grandpa.

That One Unthinkable Mistake Can Lead to an Unexpected Blessing

Check out this video to discover what happened when DJ Ahson made an unimaginable mistake that led to an unexpected blessing.

Shining Light on a Family Secret Leads Pastor to Powerful Redemption

Even though he had never met his grandfather, he soon became the most important person in Pastor Phil Allen's life. The truth led to a powerful redemption.

This Family Joined the Tiny House Movement and It Changed Everything for the Better

Katie and her husband found themselves suddenly eager to join the tiny house movement. So, they made the leap and their family is all the richer for it.

Obese Mom Wants Nothing More Than to Be Able to Play with Her Kids, Embraces Full Lifestyle Change

Nayyeli’s lifestyle change was incredibly hard, but she was determined to increase her mobility and energy so that she could be active with her kids.

Father Shares Emotional Story Behind Moving Photo of His Young Son Battling Cancer

Nate shares a photo, giving us a glimpse into the “new normal” that his family had to embody following his son’s cancer diagnosis.

Watch as Pure Joy Overtakes Autistic Girl in Wheelchair as She’s Serenaded by a Stranger

Pure joy overcomes this little girl's face as a busker serenades her with his guitar.

After 70 Years of Marriage, Devoted Husband Won’t Leave Wife’s Side as She Suffers from Dementia

This adorable elderly man is taking care of his sick wife, Nellie, while she's in the hospital in a super endearing way.

A Stranger Was Accidently Added to a Bachelor Weekend Invite: They Had Him Come Anyway

One urgent email invitation can change your life, just ask Will Novak.

Little Girl Receives the Best Birthday Present—A Loving Mother

This little girl was about to receive the most beautiful gift from her step-mom. Something that would make this birthday one she would cherish forever.

‘Everything Is Different!’: Students Surprise Teacher with Life-Changing Gift

This teacher had no idea, but his view of the world was about to change forever—quite literally.

Fly God Force: The World’s First Christian Airline

Meet the world's first Christian airline. The Christian carrier is dedicated to transporting missionaries all over the world more easily and efficiently. And what's a better name for the first plane in the fleet than Judah 1.

24-Year-Old with Cerebral Palsy Knocks out New National Weightlifting Record

Miles Taylor has changed the definition of strongman. This 24-year-old with cerebral palsy deadlifted 200 pounds, which is a national record for his weight class.

Thousands Attend Funeral of El Paso Victim Margie Reckard After Her Husband Left Familyless

Antonio Basco was married to his wife, Margie Reckard for 22 years. When the El Paso tragedy happened, he was left without any family to support him during such a dark time. Until...

90-Year-Old Grandma Weeps for Joy at Seeing Sister Again After Years Apart

It was Grandma’s 90th Birthday—and her family had put together the sweetest birthday surprise. A very special visitor was about to walk in to make Grandma's birthday the best one ever.

Man’s Stepson and Granddaughter Surprise Him with Name Change

This man was in for the greatest surprise when his stepson and granddaughter legally changed their last names to his.

Little Girl Overcome at the Sight of Military Dad’s Surprise Homecoming

This solider has just returned home from military training, and his daughters couldn't be more overcome with joy. Especially, his youngest who sprints into his arms, weeping.

This Military Mom Is About to Make the Ultimate Surprise

This military mom just flew many miles to surprise her son upon returning home from deployment. Grab the tissues, this one is precious.

Mom Surprises Special Needs Son with Trip to Disney Land, and It Gets Emotional!

Watch as Alex gets super emotional when he finds out his mom is surprising him with a trip to Walt Disney World.

‘Cat Grandpa’ Goes Viral for Napping with Shelter Pets

Everyone deserves a loving grandpa—especially the adorable kitties at the Safe Haven Pet Sanctuary. Terry Lauerman, a retiree who began coming into the sanctuary to pet and brush the cats soon became known as "cat grandpa."

Nature Overgrowth Can Lead to Wildfires, One Town Thinks They Found the Answer: GOATS!

A town in California discovered a solution for overgrown public lands—goats!

Bridal Shop’s Display Window Honoring Wheelchair Users Goes Viral

A small bridal shop in England is making a big statement with a window display featuring an off-the-shoulder wedding dress worn by a mannequin in a wheelchair.

He Overcame Life-Threatening Horrors to Run the Houston Marathon

James Burke overcame severe epilepsy that dramatically threatened his life for several years. Today, James is epilepsy-free, running in the Houston Marathon and helping others battling epilepsy to overcome.

The ‘Bacon Response Team’—the Latest Emotional Support Animals Are on the Scene

Charlotte, NC police officer, Chad Webster and "The Bacon Response Team" duo of Sarge and Frankie are using a unique tactic to connect with the community.

A Few of Our Favorite Hugs for National Hugging Day

Who doesn't need a hug! Be inspired by a few of our favorite hugs in celebration of National Hugging Day.

How ‘Rosie’s Girls’ Camp is Healthily Shifting Gender Job Roles

Rosie's Girls, currently in its 17th year, is an innovative day camp providing a space where young girls can explore trade jobs that are normally male-dominated.

Granddaughter Sings Powerful Hymn for Ailing Grandmother

This teen beautifully sings a hymn to her grandmother, who soon joins her in song. A mighty bond you won't want to miss.

‘Thank you, Jesus!’: Deployed Navy Officer Pulls off Perfect Christmas Surprise for Mom

This mom is in for a huge surprise when her son, a deployed Navy officer, surprises her just in time for Christmas.

The Remarkable Moment Mom with Alzheimer’s Recognizes Daughter

This sweet momma has Alzheimer's disease, and it’s been some time since she’s been able to recognize her daughter. But on this particular day, Kelly was in for a precious surprise.

Toddler’s Hugs Go Viral at a Music Festival

This little guy couldn't leave the music festival without spreading a little love. Where do we sign up for the conga line of hugs he's dishing out?

Daughter Gives Father Gift of Life Through Organ Donation

Christmas came early for this blessed family as daughter discovers she's a perfect life-saving organ match for her father.

“It’s the Parade That I Never Got”: Vietnam Veteran Using Blessing to Bless Others

Multiple organizations have partnered to give Army Vietnam Veteran Kenneth Gilmore a new lease on life in the most remarkable way.

Mothers Give Back to NICU That Saved Their Children

Giving with a grateful heart—that's what one group aims to do each year focusing their efforts on hospital patients in the NICU and cancer unit at Ascension Columbia St. Mary's Hospital.

This Man Collected 9 Million Pounds of Paper to Help Save Abused & Abandoned Children

This 86-year-old collected paper for over 30 years and raised more than $400,000 for abused and abandoned children in need. Watch his inspirational story now.

This Hospital Hosts an Epic Dance Party Every Friday

Joy overload! This huge dance party happens once a week at Johns Hopkins All Children's' Hospital and we're just a little obsessed.

This Grandma Reacting to Her Christmas Present Is Guaranteed to Make You Smile!

We dare you not to smile at this grandma's reaction to her lavish Christmas gift. We've only watched it 12 times so far, no biggie.

Adorable Chick Snuggles with New Best Friend, a Baby Goat!

This chick and baby goat are giving a whole new meaning to #friendshipgoals. Hey, save some snuggles for us you two!

Hugs for Everyone! Adorable Babies Show Us How Love Should Be Done

Four times the love, for times the hugs. Watch as these adorable babies show us how to spread the love this holiday season!

Little Boy Holds Newborn Sister for the First Time and It Will Melt You

With two words, "Hi, Kate" a melt-worthy bond is immediately formed between this precious little boy and his newborn sister.