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Celebrity Interviews


You might think you know your favorite celebrity, but you’ve never seen them like this. Our interview series goes beyond the standard line of questioning, getting to the heart of what makes a person tick, from their unique perspective on life to their work ethic and everything in between.

Celebrity Interviews episodes

Christine Caine: How Only the Light of Christ Can Heal Our Brokenness

Check out this inspirational video from Christine Caine for inspiration and helpful tips to discover freedom and confidence in the great love that God has for His children.

‘Nobody Empowered Women like Jesus’: Christine Caine on Recognizing Women as Church Leaders

No matter the denomination, as Christian women we are first and foremost followers of Jesus and our calling is to lead people to Him.

Christine Caine: How to Find Healing in God

Flawed examples of “love” in our younger years can damage our perception of God’s perfect love. Check out this video for a renewed sense of hope, refocusing on the promise of God’s faithfulness.

Myrka Dellanos on Trusting God Even When He’s Silent

Watch this video to hear about Myrka Dellanos's phenomenal trust in the great provision that her Heavenly Father has in store for her—and you!

‘God, I Need You’: World Champ Pro Boxer, Andre Ward of ‘the Contender’

Andre Ward spent the better part of the 2000’s in the boxing ring, retiring undefeated with two world champion titles and an Olympic gold medal to boast of. Now hosting "The Contender" rebirth, Andre speaks of his strong foundation of faith.

Ally Brooke on Finding Strength to Persevere: ‘It Always Does Get Better…’

"It's always darkest before the dawn. Dig into that inner strength and you will be alright." Ally Brooke is here to talk about miracles, gratitude and perseverance.

Celebrity Advice for the New Year

The best is yet to come! Gain inspiration for the New Year from this roundup of celebrity advice. No matter what comes next year, remember, you got this.

The Edge Shares the Path to Great Ideas

Great ideas come from great failures. U2's The Edge talks about how their world-renowned band found success by learning from failures and one another.

Jewel: ‘My Greatest Success Is My Happiness’

In her life and career, Jewel overcame by taking responsibility for her happiness. You might not be able to control life, but Jewel reminds us that you can control the way you respond to it.

Van Morrison on the Inspiration Behind His Music

Van Morrison has learned a thing or two in the 60 years he's been making music. Hear his sage advice on inspiration and growth.

Lorenzo and David Henrie—All the Brotherly Feel Goods Over Here!

Actors and brothers Lorenzo and David Henrie know the importance of keeping family close on the path to success. They remind us that with love, patience and hard work, anything is possible.

Ali Landry: How to Follow Your Passion

For actress Ali Landry, following life's passion has given her immeasurable fulfillment and joy. Ali offers her tips to set your life on the same path.

Propaganda on His Journey of Overcoming Adversity

Artist and activist, Propaganda offers a hopeful perspective for anyone who's experiencing hardship. He knows well that your surroundings don't define you.

Britt Nilsson on Finding Strength in the Midst of Struggle

Britt Nilsson talks about her experience as a contestant on "The Bachelor." With the right perspective, even heartbreak and rejection can lead to growth.

Bob Goff Teaches Us the Path to Connection

New York Times Bestselling author, Bob Goff knows that our greatest purpose is to love. It's in the small things that people can make an incredible impact.

Dancing with the Stars’ Juan Pablo Di Pace on Shaping a Global Perspective

Actor Juan Pablo Di Pace brings a global perspective on how to stay positive. He's learned that focusing on the present can help silence worry.

Damian McGinty on Making Growth a Priority

"Glee" actor and Celtic Thunder member, Damian McGinty, has learned the importance of hard work and humility, using these two qualities to grow personally and professionally.

Cindy Crawford Shows Us Why It’s Important to Never Stop Learning

Supermodel Cindy Crawford speaks to the importance of learning. Even after success, you can always learn from others and take new risks.

Brooke Burke on Embracing the Challenges of Life

Brooke Burke is an actress, host, entrepreneur, designer AND mother of four. In and through the craziness, she's learned to embrace every challenge.

Jeff Probst Gets Real About the Importance of Community

Emmy Award-winning "Survivor" host, Jeff Probst, shares the lessons he's learned about living well in community. It all begins with a proper perspective.

Bobbie Houston Speaks to the Heart of Being a Leader

Bobbie Houston, author and co-founding pastor of Hillsong Church, talks about leading well by setting an example and encouraging others.

Jordan Smith Reminds Us That Success Is Built on Persistence

Singer Jordan Smith found success, but not on his first try. His story of persistence and overcoming failure shows how any setback can lead to growth.

Diego Boneta Starring as Luis Miguel in Brand New Series: The Singer Reminds Us That We Have One Life—Live It Well

Actor and singer Diego Boneta explains how appreciation helps us to see the beauty that's already right in front of us. In the end, frustration is only temporary.

Niecy Nash Shares on Finding Joy in the Pain

Emmy Award-Winning host, actress and comedian, Niecy Nash shares how to find joy. No matter your pain, you can always find the blessings!

Karen Kingsbury on the Importance of Planning for Success

Success always requires a plan. Bestselling fiction author, Karen Kingsbury, shares her insight on how to find success and enjoy the process along the way!