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Box of Butterflies


In Box of Butterflies, Roma Downey shares a collection of deeply touching and personal stories that offer encouragement and hope. Whether it’s finding purpose out of pain, the importance of everyday kindness or embracing each moment as it comes, this series reminds us to find and collect the blessings in our own lives.


Box of Butterflies episodes

‘I’ll Leave a Message for You in the Moon’: A Special Story of a Father’s Love

In the final episode of "Box of Butterflies," Roma Downey shares the story of a special message from her father that provided comfort and love, no matter how far from home she traveled.

How to Turn Pain Into Blessings: ‘It’s the Struggle That Strengthens Our Wings’

Roma Downey shares another story from "Box of Butterflies," explaining how we gain strength through our pain and struggles, forming our wings and cultivating our ability to fly.

Roma Downey Shares How Her Friendship with Della Reese Changed Everything

Roma Downey shares how her cherished friendship with Della Reese provided comfort for both women in the aftermath of loss. What both women lost, God provided for in each other.

‘God Is Always There’: Roma Downey on God’s Comfort and Hope in the Midst of Loss

Roma Downey shares a personal story of God's unexpected comfort and hope in the midst of heart-breaking loss. Even in grief, we can always look for the blessing.

‘Willing and Able’: Roma Downey on Showing Love and Compassion to Others

Roma Downey shares a powerful story from her time on "Touched by an Angel," illustrating how God can use the simplest of things to show His love—we need only be willing.

Roma Downey on the Importance of Sharing Our God-Given Gifts with the World

Roma Downey shares the first of a collection of touching, personal stories from her life. The story of “The Good Room” teaches us the importance of sharing our gifts with the world and embracing each and every moment.