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Devotional: Remembering His Promises

He is the God of Jacob—and King and Ruler. Faster than 10,000 steeds, more mesmerizing than galaxies, more sure than shooting stars.

Devotional: Hope is Alive

See the hope you’ve accessed and the key you hold. See the rainbows glistening and alive. Look up... See the drought's end in sight.

Devotional: How to Rediscover Hope

Where do you go when you’re void of hope? What do you do when you’ve lost the ability to believe? See with hope’s possibility—and rejoice in holy defiance.

Devotional: Don’t Be Discouraged, It’s Only the Beginning

Trust My light to be upon you, and My word to coat and provoke. Trust My cloud by day and fire by night to find you, to lead you, to always be upon you.

Devotional: How to Keep the Faith

Hope: It dances around you like a famous song with a note that hangs in the air, both captivating and pure. Don’t lose sight of it.

Devotional: Rebuke the Grave

From agony to bliss: my mercy made it possible. From cross to life: my blood fought that scorched redemptive path. Embrace it’s melody, sing its song.

Devotional: Good Friday

Dare to see what I see: the joy set before me. The victory. You free, saved, bought with a most precious price. Yes, for the joy set before me. YOU.

Devotional: Finding God’s Perfect Peace Amidst Chaos

Keep your eyes on me in the midst of the chaos swirling around you. I am with you and I will reach over time again, and again to be with you.

Devotional: I AM the Light of the World

I Am the light to which you can turn to again, and again. I am the light of the World. Whoever follows me will not walk in darkness.

Devotional: God’s Love Is as Immense as the Ocean

Know it’s an ocean marking my love for you. A great unending sea: always moving, always fluid, always renewing. It’s boundless and deep, all-embracing.

Devotional: How to Be Child-Like Again

The children explore, making adventure their aim. Be like them. See the journey of a life spent with me through the calm, thrilling lens of youth.

Devotional: The Renewal That Comes From Repentance

When the storms closes in, look to the trees—how they move and bend. It’s only those that are flexible, the ones that move with the wind that remain strong.

Devotional: How to Move Forward When the Direction is Unclear

It's time to move and shake off the past; the weight of old hurts and the shame of old wrongs. It's time to become who you've been called to be.

Devotional: Letting God Impact You Through Your Senses

Trust in me. Call out to me, “HOSANNA!” Give focus to your intentions as I am listening with undivided attention. I am here.

Devotional: How to Claim Your Inheritance

Come discover God as the safe one, the good one, the unimaginably loving God that He is. The one your mind cannot comprehend, but your heart longs for.

Devotional: Christ Is Before All Things

Listen as God reminds us each that He can be found in everything from nature to a faint whisper.

Devotional: How to Trust God’s Process

It's hard with God has us in a season of mystery and waiting. So, how do we learn to trust Him despite the confusion and pain?

Devotional: ‘Come Home to Me, I Miss You’

Do you ever wonder if God misses you? Listen as He invites you back home, ushering you into His healing embrace.

Devotional: Why God Calls You His Warrior

Listen as God reminds you to fight, calling you His warrior and showing you all that you hold ever victorious in Him.

Devotional: Christ’s Intentionality Over You for This New Year

Be excited for all that this new year holds for God's plans have already gone before you.

Devotional: Celebrate Our Immanuel, King, God with Us

The day foretold… now arrived and forever here: Immanuel. King. Christ, with us.

Devotional: How to Dream with God

God desires us to dream bigger, louder and purposefully. Here's how.

Devotional: What to Do in a Season of Waiting

See Him in the waiting that is where blessings reside.

Devotional: How to Overcome the Constant Battle

No need to react; no need to lash back. He's sending angels with wings of steel to protect you and comfort you.

Devotional: This Thanksgiving, Gather at the Lord’s Table and Let Him Renew You

Come and gather at the Lord's table of plenty this Thanksgiving. His table which lacks nothing but provides everything.

Devotional: How God Can Work Even the Worst Circumstances for His Good

In Christ, nothing is wasted. He can build from it all. So, let yourself be done with pain for He is the mighty healer.

Devotional: How to Fight Spiritual Battles

Fight the good fight with heaven’s eyes. Fight from your knees with arms upraised.

Devotional: How to Let God Heal and Restore

You are worthy. You are valuable. Breathe deep and let go of the old story. Let God heal and restore your weary battered heart today.

Devotional: How to Delight in God and Gain Heaven’s Perspective

Yearning for more of God? Learn how to delight in Him and give yourself access to heaven's life-giving perspective.

Devotional: What God Is Building In You Is Worth the Cost

Don’t let this pain become cyclic. He will replant you, and allow you what you seek.

Devotional: ‘I Delight in the Union of My Goodness with Your Faith’

God delights in the union of His goodness with our faith. For it’s an unstoppable bond, a blazing sword of victory.

Devotional: How to Stop Hiding from God

Surrender to God's loving embrace. He will catch you. He won’t let you fall. Dare. Dare to believe again.

Devotional: Is There More to Life Than This?

The cycle of life emerges day after day. You wake, you work, you play, you sleep. And on and on and on. “Is there more to life than this,” your spirit sighs. “Is this all there is?” Hear God's response.

Devotional: The Chance to Start Over Is Upon You

Be encouraged. Grace is extended and the chance to start over is upon you. Redemption is real and here. Open your heart to God, He is there patiently and lovingly waiting for you. He is the God of second chances.

Devotional: When the Heaviness Is Too Much to Bear

I’ve come to bring relief. I’ve come to set you free. Now is the time to rest, relax, regenerate. Lay your burdens down, right where you are. Don’t give them a second glance. Heave them at my feet. Come, rest and recharge.

Devotional: God Declares—This a New Beginning, Not an Ending

Rejoice! God declares over you today that this is not an ending, but a beginning. Welcome, His new day. Step out of the shadows and into His mercy and grace.

Devotional: In the Busyness of Life, Here’s How to Find God as Source

Sometimes in the middle of the noise, in the middle of the hustle and bustle, in the middle of all the busyness of business, the distractions distance you from God as source. Here's how to reconnect with Him today.

Devotional: Why the Darkness Must Always Surrender to Christ’s Light

The darkness of this world must always surrender to the light of Christ. It has no other choice. Christ's light shines in the darkness and darkness cannot overcome it, for it has been defeated. Stand in the light of Jesus' radiance today.

Devotional: The Questions in Your Heart Don’t Scare God, Ask Him

Give God your heart. He'll evolve its woes into glistening joys. And remember, the questions of your heart don’t scare Him. They honor Him. It means that you really want to see, to know, to be… with Him.

Devotional: The Truth of Jesus’ Invitation to Follow Him

Come, Follow Me

Devotional: This Is the Way Back to God No Matter How Far You’ve Strayed

Open your hands and let go of your tears. Open your heart and let go of your fears. Step bravely toward God, no matter how far you've strayed He's there waiting for you. Hear His invitation of love toward you today.

Devotional: God Longs to Give You This in the Midst of Your Storm

You are not drowning in the sea of your life. Together we’ll confront the waters: Parting it, walking it, commanding it. Come see what’s for you. Come into my whispers, Ease into the silence. Come be next to Me.

Devotional: How to Trust in God’s Timing

The bible is clear, God's timing is far higher and better than our timing. But that doesn't mean trusting in God's timing is always easy. Join us as we seek Him today.

Devotional: Seek God’s Wisdom for the Answer You Need

Love's Safety

Devotional: How to Leave Behind the Old and Embrace What God Has for You

Every trying season has a way through and out with God. Listen as He shares how to leave behind the old by embracing His beauty and ways instead.

Devotional: How to Grab Hold of Your Victory in Christ

Pain will come, but it can never hold back my healing lacquer desiring to heal every woe. Desiring to restream the covenant of our roots. I’m here, with remedy at hand. What do you choose? What do you trust? Victory or dismay?

Devotional: Let God Do Something New Through You

Don’t stop short from the greatness you feel. Don’t stop short from all that is real. Forgive the old hurts. Run toward the prize. Life is waiting for you. It's time. Let God do something new through you!

Devotional: Lay Hold of the Peace of God Which Transcends All Understanding

Step out again into the garden of your life. Come my dear one, wake up and smell the roses. Receive my grace. Feel the comforting, cleansing rain wash away sorrow and sadness. Receive my peace. It's here, waiting for you.

Devotional: How to Hold Tight to Hope

When all seems hopeless, hope is actually what you need. Let hope be what you see. Hold tight to it. This is how.

Devotional: Easter, God’s Unbreakable Gift to You

This Easter, listen as God shares the anchoring truth's behind Calvary's gift to us. Truth's of the value of and price that Jesus paid, each begging our response.

Devotional: How to Be Refreshed in the Lord

Be Revived

Devotional: Be Reminded That ‘This Too Shall Pass’

Wherever you are, fix your eyes on Him and listen as He whispers that "this too shall pass."

Devotional: Rest from Anxiety

The gentle practice of listening with your heart will help remind you that God is Lord of all. Here, in moments of quiet contemplation, God can be found there, together with you.

Devotional: Where Is God When All Hope Seems Lost

Where is God in the middle of life's storms? When battling cancer, where is He? After losing a job, where is He? This is where He is.

Devotional: How to Find God

As the days get busier, it can be harder to find God. Take a moment, breathe in these truths and find God again.

Devotional: How to Step Boldly Back into Life

Can you hear the invitation to step boldly back into life? The stretch and groan of tired days bending for bliss? Come and love again. Will you? Will you accept my invitation of grace? 

Devotional: When His Still Small Voice Whispers ‘Rest’

In the busyness of life, as we strive, perform and achieve there's always the unwavering still small voice of God beckoning us to come, look and see—to be.

Devotional: God’s Message of Hope for Us Today

Christ clamor's for us to see and know His goodness, love and hope. This is His message of unwavering hope to you today.

Don’t Let Hard Circumstances Rewrite His Story for You

He is not a God of limitation, but the God of "immeasurably more." Circumstances don’t get to change that. They might birth a different song, but they never get to rewrite your story, unless you let them.

Devotional: Even in the Darkness, God Sees, Protects, Uplifts

Even in the Darkness

Devotional: God with You in the Valleys

In the valleys of life, it's often hard to see the way through, up and over. But He's always there, showing the way—always.

How God Speaks to Us Through Nature

As we open our eyes and greet the day, God often shows us through nature just how near He actually is.

In Hardship and Pain, Listen as God Tells You Where He Is and What He Sees

So often, in the midst of immense pain, injustice or heartache we can lose sight of where God is in the midst of the storm. Let Him remind you today, that He's not only with you, but He sees all.