Opera-Singing Starbucks Barista Goes Viral, You Have to Hear This!


A Starbucks customer asked his barista to sing a little tune. This classically trained Starbucks barista will stun you with his live performance!


A Starbucks customer asked his barista to sing a little tune. The 28-year-old tenor Jason Berger happily obliged. The customer, who is Italian, chatted with Jason about how he had studied Opera in Italy. What came out of his mouth next, you have to hear. This musical, coffee making savant has gone viral!

When your husband convinces the Opera Singing Baristo to perform😂😂🙌🙌👌 Jason Berger 💫

Posted by Kaylan Wetzel on Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Jason shared with TODAY about his goals, “My dream is to be a soloist at major opera houses across the globe, including the Metropolitan Opera in New York City. Musical theater is a passion of mine as well, I would love to be in a Broadway show.”

Jason continued, “I (and many other opera singers) don’t love just singing on the spot like that. Because we have trained so hard for so many years, we believe that if we just sing on the spot without doing the proper warm-ups and without properly preparing that it doesn’t necessarily do justice to our work.”

Customer Kaylan Wetzel who took the video told TODAY, “I know a good voice when I hear it and his is stellar! I did not expect it at all.” Wetzel continues, “Jason noticed my husband’s accent and mentioned that he studied opera in Italy (he’s conversant in Italian). My husband was shocked at how good his Italian is and he loves opera, so he asked him to sing! We were blown away at his talent,” she stated.

“I hope the joy that people get from watching my video is a reminder that the arts are a necessity, not a luxury. The arts are what make us human, they heal people and they bridge divides and they bring light into a world that is so often filled with divisiveness and hate.” Beautiful job Jason!