Nick Vujicic Was Born Without Limbs, and That Hasn’t Held Him Back




Nick Vujicic Was Born Without Limbs, and That Hasn’t Held Him Back


Nick Vujicic was born without arms or legs and spent a lot of his life searching for his place in God's plan. What he found is an inspiration to the world.

He was born into a loving family. With parents who praised him and continually affirmed him, Nick Vujicic had all the promises of a healthy childhood and happy life.

Except, he was born without arms or legs.

“I’m very blessed to have a Mum and Dad who said, ‘Nick you’re beautiful, God loves you, He has a plan for you,’” begins Nick, “and some days that was good enough for me, but really, I came home from school most days crying.”

After relentless bullying and trying to understand his place in the world, Nick decided he didn’t want to be special anymore. He started praying for a miracle—that God would give him arms and legs. When the miracle didn’t come, depression took over.

By age ten, Nick was ready to end his life.

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“I did not believe at all that God had a plan for me,” Nick admits. “I did not believe at all that I would ever have anything to look forward to…thinking I’d never get married and even if I did get married, I would never hold my wife’s hand.”

As he prepared to commit suicide, Nick says he was stopped by one thing: what it would do to his parents to be standing at his grave. After years of loving him selflessly and fully, he knew his parents didn’t deserve to suffer the loss of him. And with that thought, Nick chose life.

“It took a family who loved me and it took many prayers, but God did it all,” Nick states, sharing how he’s since become a husband and a father. Even his own parents proclaim he’s “a miracle.” What Nick had always prayed for, God did answer after all.

“Dream bigger,” Nick exhorts.

Watch more of Nick’s story, that encourages us all to hold out for the bigger picture, in the video above.