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Gift Needs for the Loved-Up Newlywed in Your Life


You just bought them a gift for their wedding and now you need to pick out a holiday gift too? If you’re shopping for newlyweds this holiday season, we’ve got you covered.

Newlyweds can be tricky to shop for. They’re fresh off the wedding registry whirlwind where gifts ranging from silverware to cash came pouring in at overwhelming quantities. Their registry was, no doubt, filled with the essentials needed to start married life right. Yes, lemon zesters, roasting pans and water glasses are important, we know. But now that their kitchen is stocked with the must-haves, it’s time to have a little fun. The holidays are the perfect time to treat them to some unique gifts to counteract the practicality of all those pots and pans.


1. Custom Map from Mapiful | Start at $60

Gothenburg.Where they fell in love, where they got married… all these places hold such a special place in a newlywed’s heart. These customizable maps from Mapiful are the perfect mixture of sentiment and style.

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2. Build Your Own Sundae Kit from Jeni’s Ice Cream | Sundae Kits Start at $62

Sundae.Planning that wedding was stressful. Hours of leisure time were lost. Now that it’s over, all newlyweds really want to do is snuggle on the couch and binge watch their favorite show…with ice cream!

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3. Nest Cam—Indoor | $299

The-Nest.Nests are security systems sure to keep newlyweds feeling safe and sound in their new home. They’ll be able to live stream their home while they’re away, allowing them to monitor suspicious activity ranging from the puppy jumping on the new couch to unwelcome visitors.

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4. Garden Bag from Apolis | $78

Apolis-Bag.This bag from Apolis is the perfect companion for a newlywed date—they can take it on a picnic, to an outdoor movie or on a trip to the farmers market. The “Garden Bag” is beautifully handcrafted by a co-op of artisan women in Bangladesh and is then finished in California.

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5. Custom Tag from Key Tags | $20

Car-tag.The combining of two lives calls for some organization! A customizable “Husband’s House Key” tag or a “Wife’s Car Key” tag from Key Tags eliminates potential confusion and looks pretty cute, too. Sweet and organized!

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6. Tortilla Warmer from Food52 | $38

Tortilla-Warmer.These tortilla warmers will inspire newlyweds to whip up some margaritas and get those Latin flavors popping in the kitchen. You can help keep their new marriage hot and spicy! (Well, when it comes to Taco Tuesday, at least.)

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7. Coffee Maker from Chemex | $58

Coffee-maker.The Chemex Coffee Maker takes morning coffee to the next level. Not only is it beautiful, but the coffee is as delicious as it looks. This starter kit is the perfect gift and includes everything they’ll need to get some fresh coffee roasting.

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8. Brass Easel + Prints from Artifact Uprising | $55

Couple-pictures.Artifact Uprising is the go-to destination for beautiful and stylish photo printing. While there is a plethora of products to choose from—ranging from single prints to full wedding books—this brass easel stand with photo prints is a great package gift.

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9. Cast Iron Camping Skillet and Instruction Book from Lodge | $61

Cast-Iron.Adventure awaits! This cast iron camp Dutch oven is just what two adventurous newlyweds need to camp in style. Lodge’s portable “camp stove” is the pot that does it all. And bonus! It comes with a Dutch oven cooking 101 book for campsite-cooking newbies.

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