Newborn Twins Don’t Realize They’ve Been Born Yet, Refuse to Stop Hugging: A Glimpse Into Creation


Don't miss the moment newborn twins are caught on camera shortly after birth, refusing to let go of one another.

In a viral YouTube video that has amassed close to 20 million views, newborn twins mimic their loving existence in the womb, depicting their unique bond during a Thalasso baby bath just days after being born. The very bath itself visibly transporting the twins back to a state of womb-like bliss, as if completely unaware that they had even been born yet.

As the twins refuse to let go of each other, the power of their bond is palpable and worthy of marvel—a true glimpse into God’s creation.

The practice of Thalasso baby baths was developed by Sonia Rochel, a French nurse with over 30 years of experience, who believed that the traditional baby baths were counterproductive for newborns.

In an effort to help infants transition from the womb in a more holistic fashion, Rochel “started massaging the babies with…running water and noticed it made babies move as they did in the womb. She believes that babies need to still have a recollection, or be reminded, of their life before birth,” Healthy Holistic Living shared.