Newborn Smiles the Instant She Hears Dad’s Voice and the Heartwarming Photo Is Going Viral


A viral picture of a newborn with her daddy will melt your heart.


Baby Antonella and her dad have a very special bond. She was born to Brazilian couple Flavio and Tarsila. Antonella was born on August 11th, Brazil’s Fathers’ day, to make it even more special.

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Quando vi minha família pela primeira vez ❤️🥰

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“He always told her that he loved her so much,” Tarsila shared. Newborns can start hearing at just at 16 weeks! “They put her on top of me sleeping and as soon as he spoke to her, Antonella opened her eyes and smiled…she is a gift sent from God” Tarsila added.  

Flávio shared his fatherly sentiments on Instagram in Portuguese. “I can’t explain the feeling I felt at that moment. Every day I would talk to my daughter in her mother’s belly, I would always tell her that I loved her, that Daddy was there and that I was going to be the best father in the world! When she was born look how did she repay me? With that delicious smile 😍 A love that does not fit inside the chest!” Flávio gushed.

The bond you can share with your baby before they are even born is unbelievably special. And attachment can be developed with the Father as much as the mother. You can read to babies in the belly, and preborn children can even recognize languages, with vowel sounds and everything. How precious!