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Your 2018 ‘Bucket List’: Commit to These ‘Best-Of’ Adventures This Year


2018 is on its way with a year-full of potential and excitement. Get your bucket list ready—here are some adventures you need to commit to this year.
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The internet is overflowing with bucket list adventures ready for your 2018 calendar. From trekking across Iceland to bungee jumping in Nicaragua, the world holds no shortage of incredible adventure opportunities. And while those adventures might be feasible for some, others are left to longingly scroll through Instagram from their work cubicles, dreaming of the day “adventure” will finally be possible.

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But here’s the thing: adventure awaits us all. Whether 2018 is the year for your dream getaway or just a year to explore your own hometown, there is beauty and goodness all around us, should we take the time to seek it out and truly absorb its wonder.

We’ve rounded up some of our favorite LW adventures that you should commit to this year.

1. Plan an adventure at home.


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While it may sound cheesy and anticlimactic, you can adventure in your own town, city or state without spending much money or taking time off of work. It does take planning and it does take some effort—but resist the urge to let yet another Saturday slip by due to chores, errands and Netflix. Weekend trips that don’t require extensive travel time are the perfect way to adventure in your own city or state.

For Californians, we recommend Santa Barbara—which is accessible whether you’re a NorCal or SoCal resident.
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Don’t call California home? Find your own local weekend getaway—a great place to start is to research tourist destinations in your own hometown. You might just find a little-hidden gem that you haven’t explored yet.

2. Plan an adventure with a theme.

If you’re looking for some adventure inspiration to jump start your travel plans, try picking a theme for your trip. Whether you’re packing the whole family into an SUV or hitting the road with your best pals, consider a trip devoted to the country’s most beautiful ballparks.

Win or lose, these four ballparks all provide their own unique experience, making each one a must-see destination for your bucket list:
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Sports aren’t your thing? Instead, adventure into the great outdoors by planning an exciting trip to explore Croatia’s National Parks:
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3. Plan to see a live show.

What if we told you that you could experience the life of one of America’s founding fathers? Or step onto the plains of Africa and become immersed in the struggle for survival? Now that’s adventure!

You can experience it all from a plush theater seat if you add a Broadway musical to your bucket list. Seeing a big musical in the right venue can be an experience like no other. These shows are some of the best that Broadway has to offer. And the good news is that these shows go on tour, so if you can’t travel to the Big Apple this year, check local theaters and listings to catch a showing in your hometown.

4. Plan a dream trip.


Photo by Yulia Mayorova/

Not all of us will be able to take that once-in-a-lifetime trip in 2018. But maybe this year is the year for you. If so, why not go big? Paris is the ultimate, dreamy European destination. Whether it’s your honeymoon or a girls’ getaway, you’ll want to make sure you get a genuine Parisian experience, not just a touristy city guide. We’ve got you covered:
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Or, is taking a Harry Potter tour of Oxfordshire and roaming the aisles of famous bookstores more up your alley?
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Most world travelers have cramped airplanes and crowded buses somewhere on their travel itinerary. You and your travel buddy are going to need to stay healthy and strong to experience your trip to the fullest:


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Last but not least, traveling can present its fair share of unexpected hiccups. So be prepared with these helpful travel apps:


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