Leading New Age Guru Encounters Jesus in Powerful Way


A spiritual guru with hundreds of thousands of followers has a terrifying vision and realizes he underestimated the powers he played with. He turns to the Bible to find out if Jesus is who He claimed to be.

In an interview with The 700 Club, Steve Bancarz, once an extremely influential New Age guru with hundreds of thousands of followers, shared the radical encounter that lead him to Jesus.

At the age of 19, Bancarz was a New Age blogger and spiritual guru with 200-300 thousand people engaging with his teachings daily. Bancarz had separated himself from his Christian upbringing because he believed that he could become like God himself, building his entire life around New Age heology and pursuits instead.

As Bancarz built his New Age empire, he thought he was gaining new levels of “spiritual knowledge” but now admits that the deeper he went into New Age teachings, the deeper he fell into depression, purposelessness and anxiety. It was at this point that Bancarz had a horrific encounter one night that marked his life forever.

Bancarz shared his experience with The 700 Club, “When I opened my eyes I was hovering four feet over my bed and realized that I was out of my body and I started having a panic attack. And a being appeared in front of me and this being had red skin with black markings on it’s face. It just scared me because I realized that I wasn’t in control. That this stuff is more powerful than I was. That these forces were real and that they didn’t care for my well being. They didn’t need my permission. I was in there playground.”

Deeply shaken by the demonic encounter, Bancarz began studying the Bible for answers, desperate to know if Jesus was really who He claimed to be and if He really had power over the evils of hell. Soon he began to discover the answers he longed for. “I would sleep with the Bible under my pillow because I knew there was something there that was authoritative, that was true and that was secure. And that had power over anything I was scared of.”

After visiting church with his mother, Bancarz accepted Christ but still wanted to hold on to his New Age beliefs. It wasn’t long after that he realized both Christ and New Age teachings could not be Lord of his life. Humbled to repentance, Bancarz began to repent and cry out to God. It was then that he had a radical encounter with Jesus:

“I could feel that He was Lord over me and He was Lord over all creation. I could feel that He was concerned for me. But I could feel that He was King. I knew that He was King over creation. That the whole universe was under His feet. And the wind was totally infused with His precence and the thing that stuck out for me—that made me realize I was dealing with God was how the wind and the trees, the sounds outside, the crickets, they sounded like they were glorifying Him. He was there with me and they were acknowledging that somehow. Creation recognized Him.”

After burning all of his New Age books, Bancarz made a public statement of acknowledgement to his hundreds of thousands of followers. “I told people within a few days of that experience, ‘I’m sorry for misleading all of you astray, this stuff is not of God. They’re tools of demons to deceive us and lead us away from Jesus. And Jesus is the Son of God and He is exactly who He claims to be.”

His statement has since been met with waves of persecution and slander from the community he once lead, but that hasn’t stopped him from sharing the truth that Jesus is King.

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