New ‘Adulting’ Course at UC Berkeley Is so Popular It’s Turning Hundreds of Students Away


From how to pay bills to budgeting, UC Berkely is preparing their students with a crash course on the much-needed subject with an “Adulting” class.


UC Berkeley rolls out a life skills class called “Adulting” and this class is so popular that it is turning students away! The class will not affect student grades as it is a pass or non-pass class that will last 8 weeks. It can be hard for young adults to transition after graduation from the role of students to adults. The important life skills needed to thrive are many and are often overlooked in our education system.

One of the instructors, Belle Lau, shares topics that will be taught including time management, money and improving relationships. Fitness, nutrition and mental health will also be amongst the tackled issues in the curriculum. Lau shares examples and advice on relationships the students seek to improve and says, “That can be a relationship with yourself or others, like family, friends.” The class also covers topics like self-care, self-love and sleep.

Lauren Frailey, 19, an economics major shares, “It’s harder to budget when you’re not living at home because you have a lot more expenses.” Allegra Estrada, 21, who is a pre-med junior at Cal adds, “I want to feel prepared—like I know what I’m doing and I know how to be an adult. You can know as much as you want about physics or biology or English but that doesn’t help you when you need to do taxes or figure out what to eat.”

The class was created by Lau and fellow biology major Jenny Zhou last year. The class kicked off with 30 students and now has 80, with another 200 applicants being turned away. When did we miss these important adulting lessons? Maybe our parents didn’t have time to teach us, or we were over coddled as kids and teens. Either way, basic life skills should not be overlooked, and more classes like these can be used to empower students in their families and lives for a better tomorrow.