Netflix Has 175 Days to Pull off Miracle If It Wants to Stay in Business


In roughly 175 days, Netflix will lose a lot of its best content (Marvel franchise anyone?)—and potentially millions of subscribers who switch to Disney+. Can it pull off a miracle to stay in the streaming game?

In case you haven’t noticed the entertainment world is changing pretty rapidly and in 175 days it is going to take another monumental step forward. How? You might rightly ask. Disney is how.

Yes, folks, Disney is about to enter the streaming service game and in a very big way. Forbes recently reported, “in about 175 days, Disney is set to launch its own streaming service called Disney+. It’s going to charge $6.99/month—around $6 cheaper than Netflix. And it’s pulling all its content off of Netflix. This is a big deal.”

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It’s funny really because in many ways we’ve all been so focused on Netflix and Amazon that we kind of forgot about the not-so-sleeping giant that is Disney. Netflix may have come in and swept the rug out from beneath Hollywood’s feet and Amazon may be following in its footsteps but Disney has an armory of entertainment franchises that they are about to unleash on their very own digital platform.

For example, guess who owns Marvel? Disney. How about Star Wars? Disney. Pixar? Yep, you guessed right, Disney. That’s only naming a few, as there’s also our beloved Simpsons and classic characters like Donald Duck and Mickey Mouse.

Netflix Has 175 Days to Pull off Miracle If It Wants to Stay in Business

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According to Forbes, “In six of the past seven years, Disney has produced the world’s top-selling movies,” such as:

  • Avengers Infinity War
  • Black Panther
  • Incredibles 2
  • Bohemian Rhapsody

This is very exciting news for us as very soon we’re going to be able to access all this wonderful content in the comfort of our own homes and for half the cost of a Netflix subscription.

And to make sure that you come to them and not one of their competitors Disney will be pulling all of its content off of Netflix’s platform. Ouch. Which is precisely why Netflix is estimated to be investing a whopping $15 billion, this year alone, in producing original content and is willing to go over $10 billion in debt in order to make it happen.

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Netflix’s task is a daunting one. Since 1928 Disney has built up a media empire through creating its own content and buying up others. Forbes said it best, “Can you imagine how many parents will sign up for this? … At $6.99/month, what family with kids under 12 years wouldn’t subscribe? Plus, Disney owns 60% of America’s second-largest and fastest-growing streaming service, Hulu. Disney has shown it can produce movies and shows people want to watch. No competitor comes within 1,000 miles of Disney’s world of content.”

“In roughly 175 days, Netflix will lose a lot of its best content—and potentially millions of subscribers who switch to Disney+. While Netflix is running into debt “trying out” new shows, Disney already has the best of the best in its arsenal.”

The simple fact is this; consumers want to get the best bang for the buck. That’s just the way it is and, what parent is going to turn down the opportunity to watch Toy Story, The Avengers or even some of the classics (Jungle Book, anyone?) for just $6.99 a month?