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17 Cutest Animal Smiles You’ll Ever See


In honor of National Smile Power Day, here are 17 of the cutest animal smiles you’ll ever see.


Today is National Smile Power Day and we discovered that smiling is actually rather powerful indeed. When you experience joy, your brain’s cortex fires up and sends signals first to the cranial muscles and then to your face’s smiling muscles. Once smiling, the signal travels back to your brain to communicate how satisfied you are, and a loop of happiness begins to ensue. Our brains are very adapt at this process and can spot a fake smile a mile away.

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So, in honor of National Smile Power Day, we think the best way we can induce a real smile on your face and hopefully all the feel-goods that come along with it, would be to showcase some of our favorite smiley animal friends.

4. This gleeful goat.

#goats #animalsmile #woolly

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5. This content cat.


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6. This pleased pony.

#horsingaround #horsesmile

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11. This twinkle-eyed terrier.

Desert dog

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13. This regal retriever.

California, I LOVE YOU!

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14. This grinning gecko.

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16. This beaming bunny.

17. This charmed chow chow.

Me: “Happy Labor Daaaaaaaaaay”

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So, how do you feel? Was it a doggo, pupper or kitteh who sparked genuine joy and drew a smile to your face? In honor of National Smile Power Day, we invite you to brighten the faces of those around you; there’s power in it. Happy smiling!