Mystery ‘Guardian Angel’ Shows up to Save Teen After Car Accident Then Disappears



Every parent’s worst nightmare occurred to 16-year-old Athena Martini. Athena was involved in a car accident that would change her life. Surviving the crash would take a miracle, and that’s just what she got. God sent an angel to Athena just in time.

A stranger came to Athena’s rescue after another vehicle had hit her as she was nearing a lane divider. “I remember freaking out, not sure what to do, and he just came and said ‘I watched this happen, it’s going to be OK’,” said Athena. “He said I’ll stand in front of your car so you are OK and no one can hit you,” Athena adds.

“This man who stopped he was, he was an angel,” said Danielle, Athena’s mother. “He would be there to protect her and as long as he was there, nobody would hit her again because she was terrified someone would hit her again. He put his life in danger, and for a complete stranger,” Danielle exclaimed. The mystery man is being identified as a local pastor, but he has yet to be found. Athena’s family is wanting to know more about him, to thank him. 

This story teaches us to lend a helping hand for someone in need. “Very brave because he didn’t even know me. Thank you, he’s my lifesaver,” said Athena. “He’s changed her life, right away she said mom, in an instant I could be gone,” Danielle adds. ”I just want to hug him because he was truly put in the right place at the right time.”