Iranian Muslim Man Meets Jesus After Dying In A Car Accident, He and His Whole Family Were Saved


Testimony of Jesus encountering man after a fatal car accident, bringing him back to life. Previously a Muslim, man converts to being "a believer in Jesus."

As Christians, we all go through ups and downs. Times of great faith and times of wondering if what we believe is even true—it’s ok to be honest here, right? Well, do we have a story for you that is going to give all of our faith a kick in the pants, in the best way.

To hear the words of this former Muslim man talk about how Jesus came to him, spoke to him and taught him the gospel is going to crush any lies you are believing about the sheer power and glory of our King Jesus.

As the revival in Iran continues to grow, it’s just unwise to put Jesus in a formula of any kind—He tends to do what He wants whether it fits into our boxes or not.

According to this man’s testimony from The Last Reformation‘s Youtube channel, he “passed out” after being in a terrible car accident. It seemed like he had died. It was at this point that he had a real out-of-body experience and encountered Jesus. No one really knows what “state of being” he was in including himself.

But what we do know to be true is what happened next. “At one point, it was as if I was watching myself from outside my body and saw that I had been in a [car] accident. There were many black things coming at me and they made me feel stressed and afraid. Then there was just one bright, shiny one…when that [bright, shiny one] was coming, I felt comfortable and safe. I wanted to just be with the bright, shiny one. [When] that time…end[ed] [I wanted] to just be with the bright one [but] I was still outside myself watching myself [in the car]—I saw my brother next to me crying. It was then that the bright, shining one came [and] I could hear my brother crying for me. A short time after that is when I was in my body again and my eyes were opened.”

He went on to testify, “When I was seeing the bright, [shiny] one I heard a voice, but I didn’t understand who that voice was or what that voice was. I didn’t know that voice was Jesus. I didn’t know it was Jesus who had given me life, but after that, I got ahold of a Bible and I got ahold of a Jesus film.”

During this time, Jesus personally shared the Gospel with him. “For 27 years, I would call out to Allah, but I felt like he was never speaking to me. He didn’t hear me. There was no communication. But when I spoke to Jesus right away, answers would come.”

“After that, Jesus would show Himself in my dreams [and] I would understand more and believe more. I even saw God show me the resurrection and how He went to His Father…I saw the things that were in scripture, but they were in my dreams. So I became a believer in Jesus and I felt like I was myself.”

In these dreams, he says, “It was like a teacher. Whenever I had something that was really confusing and strange to me and I didn’t understand in my dream[s] God would—through Jesus—show me something and I would understand.”

He goes onto share in the video how after this experience, his entire family began coming to Jesus—they were all in attendance for his baptism.

Wow, now that’s good.