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Help Your Music Lover Stay On Tune with These Gifts


The music lover in your life is always up to date on the latest albums or concert tickets on sale. So instead, surprise them with some unique gadgets and goodies from this music gift guide that are sure to have their heart singing this Christmas.

For the music lover, music is life. You know the person, the one with a keen ear for the latest music, gear or gadgets. They may skimp on a meal, but never on great concert tickets. This music gift guide is for them!

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Celebrate their love of music—and improve their listening experience with some goodies and gadgets that’ll make them sing this holiday season—and keep them ahead of the curve.

Music Lover Gift Guide

1. Vinyl Coasters | $20

Vinyl coastersNothing says cool like these vintage record coasters. Help your friend showcase their love of music while protecting the table.

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2. Band Buttons | $10

band buttonsBand buttons are a badge of honor and statement of one’s taste. You can easily find buttons featuring a favorite band online for under $10. If you’re looking for something undeniably cool, Joy Division’s “Unknown Pleasures” artwork tops the list of best-ever band art.

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3. BRAVEN Mira Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker | $35

It’s one of life’s pure joys to belt out tunes in the tub, but it’s not worth risking your smartphone to keep it near water. Give your friend a reason to sing in the shower with a waterproof wireless speaker. Rated best for sound, this little speaker is sure to delight.

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4. Vintage Sony TCWE475 Dual Cassette Player | Prices Vary

A cassette tape player, you’re joking, right? No, and here’s why! In addition to the vintage cool factor, cassettes can sound just as good as the other stuff with the right player. They last longer than CDs and you can easily pick up old tapes for as little as a $1 at vintage stores.

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5. AT-LP60WH-BT Wireless Stereo Turntable | $179

Those born in the vinyl era know the charm and depth of sound that comes from a record. Affirm your friend’s vinyl collective with a quality, budget-friendly player from a trusted brand.

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6. Sound Blaster Roar 2—Portable Bluetooth Speaker | $99

Portable Bluetooth speakers are a must when the listening experience is better shared. These little speakers pack a powerful punch with incredible bass and sleek design. Whether connected wirelessly or via cord, you’re guaranteed incredible sound for the size.

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7. Plantronics Backbeat Sense Wireless Bluetooth Headphones with Mic | $180

wireless headsetA great headset provides a fantastic listening experience, anytime or anywhere. Stylish, comfortable and versatile, these headphones check all the “must-have” boxes including amazing sound, built-in microphone and 18 hours of battery life at a fraction of the cost of other sets.

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8. First Vinyl Records | Prices Vary

If your friend has yet to experience the unique sound of vinyl, they are in for a treat. Start your music-lover off right with a classic that’s sure to inspire some serious vinyl love. From Adele to The Beatles, the vinyl world is their oyster.

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9. DragonFly Series—Digital To Analog Converter (DAC) | Prices Vary

Some music fans, usually vinyl or cassette aficionados, are convinced that sound is better experienced as an analog signal. Know someone with everything? Let him or her experience digital files from their phone or computer through a continuous, quality analog signal.

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