PRAY: Multiple Fatalities, Many Injured—Semi-Truck Hits Greyhound Bus


An absolutely horrific traffic accident occurred in New Mexico yesterday, after a semi-truck hits Greyhound bus, resulting in multiple fatalities.

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Will Maule

An absolutely horrific traffic accident occurred in New Mexico yesterday, after a semi-truck hits Greyhound bus, resulting in multiple fatalities.

“Preliminary crash information indicates a semi-tractor-trailer traveling on I-40 [eastbound] had a tire blowout and crossed into oncoming [westbound] traffic, colliding with a Greyhound bus,” the New Mexico State Police Department said in a statement on the collision.

Some 43 people were rushed to hospital following the smash, many of whom were in critical condition. Only six passengers were free to go without taking a trip to the ER, with many becoming trapped in the large vehicle following the impact.

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“It was horrible, there were people trying to climb out of the windows of the bus… bystanders trying to help people getting ladders out of their truck to get to windows of Greyhound bus to assist,” one witness, Marc Gonzales, told KRQE. “When we went by the overturned semi, everything in the trailer was out on the road. It was a disaster…you could tell people were in distress, screams were coming from bus.”

Gonzales described the scene as a “complete catastrophe.”

“It’s by far one of the worst accidents I’ve encountered,” he added.

The bus was en route from Albuquerque to Phoenix when the accident took place.

“The exact number of injuries is still being investigated,” NMSPD said of the incident, adding that the “scene remains active.”

The National Transportation Safety Board is also on scene to conduct an investigation into the exact cause of the accident.

Another witness to the accident, Chris Jones, told CNN affiliate KCAL that he was driving along when he approached the devastating crash site. Seeing that there were no ambulances yet on the scene, Jones decided to comfort the victims until help arrived.

“Just trying to help them, comfort them, calm them down, get them taken care of until EMS got there,” he said.

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Eric Huff was another motorist who came across the crash site. He was on his way to the Grand Canyon with his girlfriend when he was confronted with the horrific scene.

“It was an awe-inspiring, terrible scene,” he told the Guardian.

“I was really traumatized myself, because I’ve been driving about two years and I had never seen anything like that before,” added Santos Soto III, a truck driver who also witnessed the scene. “I’m a pretty strong person and I broke down and cried for at least 30 minutes.”

CNN reported that the Greyhound bus company had made a statement on the incident, saying that its “first priority is taking care of our passengers and their families” and that “this incident has deeply impacted all involved.”

“Our thoughts and prayers are with everyone as we continue to give our support to all affected,” the company added.

Do pray for all those involved in this terrible accident.