Movies to Watch with Mom This Mother’s Day




Movies to Watch with Mom This Mother’s Day


This Mother's Day, grab the popcorn and treat your mom to one of our favorite movies about motherhood. Or watch a few and make it a feel-good film fest!

She’s the one who’s always there for you when you’ve had a bad day. The warm hug when you first got off the bus as a child and the bearer of chicken noodle soup when you don’t feel well. She’s your mom and she’s pretty darn special. So this Mother’s Day, why not curl up on the couch with your mom and some popcorn for a great movie night? Need some inspiration? We’ve got some perfect cinematic suggestions to get you started!

If you and your mom can look back and appreciate the difficult times your relationship has made it through, consider picking up some Chinese food and checking out “Freaky Friday.” You can share a laugh while being reminded of how your bond was strengthened by past trials.

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Or maybe you and your mom spent car rides to school belting out your favorite musical numbers? “Mama Mia” might be just the movie for you. This mother-daughter story is the perfect balance of toe-tapping songs and heartfelt emotion.

Sometimes, it takes quality time and a good movie to help us remember all the wonderful things that mom has done for us through the years and how much she truly cares. She might get after you to cut your hair, remind you to clean your room and insist that you stand up straight, but she would also be the first to lay down her life for you if she needed to. And when you need her, she drops everything to answer your call or show up on your doorstep.

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Maybe you don’t always tell her, but you know life wouldn’t be same without your mom by your side. So this Mother’s Day, pick a movie that reminds you just how special she is and reminds her just how much you treasure her.

Need more suggestions? Watch the video above for more Mother’s Day movie night inspiration.