The ‘Most Medically Verified’ Miracle Ever? Teen Submerged for 15 Minutes in Freezing Water Survives


Teen was submerged for 15 minutes—unresponsive he was pronounced dead. Medical personal almost gave up hope on reviving him, but miraculously returns after prayer.

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Billy Hallowell

Pastor Jason Noble was among those who gathered at a Missouri hospital on a cold day in January 2015 to offer fervent prayers for 14-year-old John Smith after the teen fell through the ice at a local lake and was subsequently declared clinically dead.

Medical personnel almost gave up hope on reviving John after the teen was submerged for 15 minutes and was unresponsive, but after a heartfelt prayer from his mom, Joyce, the boy’s pulse returned—an incredible story that is told in her new book The Impossible.

But there’s another element of the ordeal that’s worth noting: Noble’s account of what he says he saw in John’s hospital room.

“Myself and a group of pastors went in and we started praying for John, because, at that moment, we were going into battle,” he told Faithwire, noting that the group prayed for Smith’s lungs and brain. “And we began to pray, ‘Lord give him the breath that you breathed into Adam that brought him to life’ and at that moment I turned around and I saw two angels.”

Noble described the angels as being “floor to ceiling” in size and said that he saw the same figures during a separate incident when a woman was on her deathbed and was led to salvation.

“Within five minutes the color in her body started coming back, within ten minutes…she got out of bed. God just touched her life, she gave her life to the Lord,” he recalled, noting that the memories from that experience led him to believe that seeing the angels meant something noteworthy would happen in John’s case as well.

Noble continued, “At that moment we saw John open his eyes, and he over breathed the respirator.”

The pastor went on to further describe the angels, saying that they were white and that their faces were visible; he also said that they were carrying swords. Overall, they offered him peace amid a difficult scenario, though some critics might be shocked to hear the preacher make such a bold proclamation about the spiritual beings.

“I saw that they were there to fight for John. It was like they were standing at attention ready to battle for John,” he said. “And at that point, I mean, I knew that John was going to be okay.”

Before long it was evident that God had heard their invocations and John started improving. In the end, Noble said he was stunned by how verifiable the miracle survival was—something that is heavily documented, regardless of what people might believe about claims of the angelic beings emerging inside the hospital room.

“It is the most medically verified miracle that I’ve ever heard of,” he told Faithwire. “In fact, they’ve looked for two years to find somebody just like John in his situation and they’ve not been able to find anyone that has survived.”

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