The Most Expensive Donut in the World


The world's most expensive doughnut is made of 24-karat gold and a generous helping of champagne.

The most expensive doughnut in the world is the Golden Cristal Ube. Generously infused with champagne and topped with 24-karat pure gold, the Golden Cristal Ube costs a whopping $1,200 per dozen!

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As reported by CNBC’s Make It, “Both the dough and the icing have a generous dose of Cristal champagne, which retails for around $200 per bottle.”

“The doughnuts are also airbrushed with a gleaming coat of 24-karat gold and topped off with meticulously placed gold leaf, in a process that takes … nearly two hours to execute.”

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Delivered via Rolls-Royce, “these extravagant donuts are the ultimate indulgence for hungry customers who are rolling in, well, dough.”