Top Stylish Picks for Modest Swimwear


Looking for an adorable modest swimsuit this summer season? We’ve got you covered.


ASummer is here and with it comes (the often anxiety-inducing) swimsuit season. Wearing form-fitting swimwear feels vulnerable for most women, so finding a suit that makes you feel confident and comfortable is well worth the investment.

There’s been a recent uptick in modest fashion becoming increasingly more on-trend and swimwear has also been shifting towards offering more modest looks. Swimsuits that offer more coverage are appealing to a wide array of buyers. Some women seek out modest swimsuit designs for spiritual reasons. Others may be prone to sunburns and desire extra SPF coverage. Modest suits often go hand-in-hand with vintage styles, so for others, they may be drawn to these swimsuits for stylistic reasons. Additionally, suits with more coverage may simply allow the wearer to feel more comfortable and therefore more body positive.

Reasons vary widely for women to choose their suits and we love that these modest suits simply happen to be really stinking cute.


Modcloth is rapidly becoming a widely beloved brand, amassing nearly 650,000 fans on Instagram alone. Modcloth is incredibly body-positive and size inclusive, with size offerings between 00 – 28. Fans appreciate Modcloth’s vintage aesthetic and bold colorful prints on display in their retro swim looks and their adorable dresses as well. 


Athletic brands like Patagonia are a great place to shop for modest swimsuits because their suits are designed first and foremost to support athletic performance. Athletic swimsuits are designed to stay in place with ample coverage for even the most active wearer. While any sports brand is great to check out for modest options, we especially love Patagonia’s values. They’re a B-Corp with an incredible organizational mission to help save the environment.

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We love Modest Goddess’ blog and social media influence as she showcases fashion-forward ways to dress modestly. So, we were particularly thrilled when she launched her modest swimwear line, Tanlines. Planning to hop in the hot tub on a cold winter’s night? Tanlines’ long sleeve suits styled with cozy legwarmers and a sweater may be the perfect look.

Lime Ricki

Lime Ricki is a great brand offering cute high-coverage looks in a wide variety of sizes. Women may assume that one-piece swimsuits are only modest, but there are fashion-forward ways to wear a figure-flattering two-piece while also staying covered up. With nearly 40,000 followers on Instagram, we especially love Lime Ricki’s approach to modest two-piece suits.


For those looking to protect their skin from sun damage, a suit that has both ample coverage and SPF protection is ideal. Cover has dubbed themselves as the go-to-brand for “sun conscious swimwear” and has amassed over 20,000 Instagram followers along the way. Appealing to a wide array of ages and modesty preferences, Cover sells high-neck one-pieces, suits with sleeves and even the highly modest “burkini” style.

Unique Vintage

Unique Vintage has a large online following with nearly 375,000 Instagram followers. Their swim line features ample modest styles designed to harken back to times when women tended to have more coverage while swimming. Bonus points, this line has a plethora of adorable modest vintage dresses as well!


Summersalt’s bold color block aesthetic is designed to flatter every figure and they’ve made a point to showcase wonderful body diversity and body positivity in their imagery. Operating with an inclusive slogan that “every body is a beach body,” Summersalt is obsessive about fit. In fact, they took 1.5 million measurements from 10,000 women to ensure that all their customers would feel confident in their suits.

Jessica Rey

We love brands that produce their clothing under ethical conditions and one great way to ensure that your apparel is above-board is to purchase products that are “Made-in-America.” Jessica Rey wins on many fronts: it’s ethical, modest, offers SPF coverage and really adorable. A cool swimming pool on a hot summer day is particularly appealing for women who are pregnant, and we are loving Jessica Rey’s maternity options! Check out this violet vintage maternity look:

Pro Tip: Explore Activewear

If you’re still unhappy with the swimsuit options that you are encountering, another option is to check out the activewear aisle. Because sports apparel is designed to fit well when you’re sweating, it can translate well into high performance for the pool or beach. Athleta wins as our favorite B-Corp activewear line.