Meet the Singing Nurse Who Helps Heal Patients With Her Voice


Kathleen Sarnes is a hospice nurse that uses the power of song to bring joy and healing to her patients, caring for the patient's "mind, body and spirit."


Kathleen Sarnes is a New York hospice nurse with a gift—the gift of song. Kathleen loves to use her gift to sing to her patients and brighten up their days. She is a “human jukebox” that can recall songs from every era.

In an inspiring approach to nursing Sarnes shares, “Music is something that really speaks to me as a person and I kind of pass that along to my patients. Nursing isn’t just giving medications. You’re catering to a person’s mind, body and spirit.”

Sarnes adds, “Physiologically, music can be very helpful in lowering the heart rate, [and] lowering blood pressure. It helps to build rapport with people, and if you have that rapport, they’re going to be more likely to adhere to the plan of care that you give them.” Research suggests that music reduces pain and anxiety in patients undergoing hospice care.

Kathleen is a beautiful caretaker that will sing anything from Blue Moon to Take Me Home, Country Roads. She has been in the profession for 10 plus years. She lives her life with this saying passed down by her grandmother: “The people you’re taking care of they weren’t always sick, they were just like you.” What a beautiful gift to share with the world. You sing, Kathleen!