‘This Is Why I Got This Thing’: Marine Veteran Uses Military Vehicle to Rescue Hurricane Victims


A former U.S. Marine is using his own military vehicle to save people surrounded by floodwaters from Hurricane Florence.

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On Friday, 47-year-old Jason Wienmann, a former US Marine, was in New Bern, North Carolina, driving through flooded neighborhoods to rescue stranded residents, CNN reported.

Weinmann bought the vehicle at a government auction 10 years ago. He told the network that he had harrowing incidents like the storm in mind.

“That’s why I got this thing, to use in times like this,” he said.

Florence, a once Category 4 storm, began bringing hurricane-force winds and rains to the Carolina coasts Thursday night. The slow-moving storm hovered over the same area for multiple days, causing record-breaking flooding and storm surge.

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Hundreds of people in New Bern had to be rescued, North Carolina Gov. Roy Cooper said.

At least 17 have died as a result of the storm.

(H/T: CNN)