‘I Had to Stop Him’: Man Stops Speeding Car From Plowing Into Pedestrians


Erick Marciano has been deemed a hero for using his car as a barrier to stop a speeding driver from plowing into a group of pedestrians.

Erick Marciano, a contractor from Montreal, Canada, was on route to get himself an Italian sub when the unexpected happened. In just a few moments Marciano’s ordinary lunch hour turned into a life or death scenario.

Stopped in his SUV near a busy downtown intersection, Marciano watched as a speeding car blew past him through a red light. The police, with sirens blaring, pursued the vehicle not far behind. Marciano remembered thinking, “There’s something you don’t see every day.”

He watched as the speeding car slowed as it encountered a snowbank that trapped the vehicle between it and the police in hot pursuit. At that point, police had caught up and were exiting their vehicles to engage the suspect. However, the persued vehicle revved backward pulling a sharp U-turn and accelerated toward a highly populated crosswalk.

The whole thing made Marciano recall recent terrorist attacks in other cities that involved pedestrians and he made an immediate intuitive decision. “I didn’t want that to happen here,” he said. “I had to stop him.”

Marciano laid on his horn in order to warn pedestrians while he quickly angled his SUV and pulled into the oncoming lane. Marciano’s legendary maneuver caused the crazed driver to smash into the passenger side of his SUV. He suffered no real injuries and his heroics saved a dozen pedestrians.

“I figured, he had a Honda, and there was no way he was going over the median,” said Marciano. “For me, that was the safest thing to do.”

The driver, a 19-year-old male, was apprehended and miraculously suffered no major injuries in the crash. He was tried in court for offenses including dangerous driving, impaired driving, driving a stolen vehicle, assault with a weapon and driving with a suspended license.

As for Marciano, he said, “I did what I had to do.”

His car insurance company is appreciative of his courage and responded with, “What matters is the outcome and everything’s well and everybody could go home last night.” They told Macriciano that regardless of what their investigation finds, he will not be charged for any of the repairs needed.

Montreal Mayor Valerie Plante also tweeted about the incident and thanked Marciano saying his “heroic gesture saved the lives of many pedestrians.”