Man Sleeps in Animal Shelter for 10 Days to Help Pets Get Adopted. It Worked!


Kris Rotunda is touching hearts of all kinds, animals and mankind alike, by sharing his touching story of sleeping in a dog shelter for 10 days.


Out to prove a point, Florida resident Kris Rotunda slept in the Humane Society of Pasco for 10 days to bring awareness to hundreds of people about the unadopted pets there. Man’s best friend has to endure a lot when kept in shelters. With limited time to play and stretch their legs, this man decided to put himself in the shoes of the pups.

It’s not the shelter’s fault that there are few resources for the dogs. Most shelters run on little support. Lack of funding, volunteers and housing are commonplace issues for animal shelters. Rotonda shares:

I kind of wanted to wake up Pasco County and the community a little more and put myself in the position of these animals to understand how solitude gets to you and how to deal with it. It’s very difficult, and it gives you a different perspective.

Kris packed ample food and water. He included rice cakes, protein bars and pre-packaged meals. He brought a pillow, blanket and lanterns while he barricaded himself with the dogs. Rotonda posted viral videos of him from the kennel asking for help for the shelter.

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“He’s helped clear our kennels out,” the vice president of the kennel said. “They get adopted rather quickly after his live videos. Some come the next day, and we’ve had dogs that come to us and 24 hours later they’ve got a new home. And one day we had a donation of $1,100 waiting for us.” 

Some of the pups wait months upon months to get adopted and some never do. You can make a difference today in the lives of one of these pups by adopting or volunteering at your local humane society. Kris also has a charity called Jordans Way which he uses to raise more resources for locals shelters.