Man Wakes from Coma with Vivid Memory of Heaven, Talking to Jesus


Tom Dolezal was left in a coma for eight days after a deathly car accident. Hear his amazing story of coming face to face with Jesus in heaven.

After a car accident left Tom Dolezal seriously injured and in a coma for eight days, he is now sharing the dramatic faith events that transpired while he was unconscious.

During his eight-day coma, Dolezal, a Christian man from Montana claims to have a “vivid memory” of his experience in heaven, talking to Jesus, surrounded by God, deceased relatives and hosts of angels.

Dolezal shares that he was with his family the night of the accident, and upon getting up to leave he felt something was off. With an overwhelming sense of the enemy’s presence, he tried his best to shake it off and headed home.

On his drive home, Dolezal “collided head-on with a truck pulling a horse trailer. Completely knocked unconscious with 22 broken bones, Dolezal, who says he doesn’t recall anything from the accident, said that’s when he found himself in Heaven.” Christian Post reports.

Dolezal went on to detail his account of heaven to Liberty County Times in a piece called, But for the Grace of God. “Then I was standing beside Father God in the room so high I couldn’t see the top. I was looking at God’s face and His eyes were closed,” he said. “I saw an angel lying in a way no human could. He had a very pleasant face…”

He then found himself with Jesus, “I saw myself standing before the Lord and I was perfect, I had a full head of hair and everything. It was wonderful! I realized Jesus knew everything I was thinking.”

Jesus and he went on to discuss various events throughout Dolezal’s life before he then saw his mother, grandmother and other relatives in heaven.

It was then, desiring to still do Kingdom work, that Dolezal asked to return to Earth to impact at least one more life for Christ. And we have no doubt that his encounter with Jesus and heaven is doing just that.