While Others Panicked, This Man Has Gone Viral for Kneeling to Pray During Massive Earthquake


See the shocking image of an elderly man kneeling to pray in the middle of an extreme earthquake.


A strong earthquake hit Matalam Cotabato City in the Philippines this week. While a city was in the midst of terror a powerful image of a man kneeling to pray on the side of the road surfaced. The image was a reminder to turn to God and have peace in times of uncertainty.

The elderly man was identified at Maximino D. Rubi, who survived the earthquake—evidently fueled by prayer! Jim Bryan was the man who took the photo and put it on Facebook. He writes in his caption: “In times of test, PRAY. Keep safe everyone.”

The image went viral because of this significant faith moment. Rubi’s son, Tatay Maximino, commented “This is my father MAXIMINO D. RUBI from Don Carlos, Bukidnon during his travel to Kidapawan today. GOD bless you always my tatay, have a safe trip.” Another comment reads about the spiritual moment, “Amen…prayer is powerful…”

This is a call to pray in times of emergency. One more commenter writes, “I hope people pray every day not only in times of disaster or difficulties. Prayer is a powerful message to God but prayer is also a way in thanking Him in many ways.. pray every day.” What an incredible reminder to pray amid harm’s way, for ourselves and the nations.