Man Who Spent 13 Years in Wheelchair Takes First Independent Steps


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Man Who Spent 13 Years in Wheelchair Takes First Independent Steps


Diagnosed with spinal cancer at age 11, Liam Critchett, now 24, defined the odds and was finally able to stroll unaided along his favorite childhood beach.

This is the moment a man who has spent 13 years in a wheelchair took his first independent steps after defying what doctors said. Liam Critchett, 24, was able to stroll unaided along his favourite childhood beach.

Doctors doubted he would be able to walk again after being diagnosed with spinal cancer aged 11. The diagnosis saw him wheelchair-bound throughout his school years, forcing Liam to spend the majority of his youth in hospitals undergoing a whopping 50 operations to try and rid his body of cancer. But in January 2018 doctors told Liam his tumour started to grow back. 

Now Liam is in his third year of intense physiotherapy and last summer he took his first independent steps on a beach—the first time in over a decade. He is now hoping to raise £13,500 to continue his private physio sessions to reach his goal of being able to walk again unaided. 

Liam, from Scarborough, said: "Despite what I've been through and what I was told, I was just dead set on one day being able to walk again. Growing up I spent my time constantly in and out of the hospital. I've had so many operations I've lost count but it's somewhere at the 40-50 mark." 

"This past year has been incredible and I've made a lot of progress and want to keep that going," Liam continued. "After years of hard work I was able to take my first steps outside on crutches. I also walked across the beach where I would spend my childhood summers. Not a lot of people will say this but coming home to find sand in your shoes and socks was quite a remarkable feeling. I haven't felt anything like that in years!" 

"I hope to show you can change almost anything through hard work."