WATCH: Man Gets ENTIRE Park to Sing ‘Livin’ on a Prayer’ and It’s Powerful


Who knew a man sitting alone in a crowded New Jersey park singing at the top of his lungs could get this type of reaction!

The world of social media, Reddit in particular, has joyfully lost it at the fact that one single man, randomly sitting alone on a bench in a crowded New Jersey park, singing Bon Jovi’s Livin’ On a Prayer at the top of his lungs was able to spur-on a flashmob-esk singalong.

In a scene that goes from awkward to powerful, this moment of human solidarity is one for the books, with many social influencers calling for this to become “a thing.”

“I am creating a #getanentireparktosingchallenge… Make it happen—tag friends—Send me your video,” wrote Goodnews Movement when they shared the now-viral video with their robust audience.

And maybe they’re right, this does need to become a thing. A really big thing. Why? One commenter on YouTube put it best, “This might be the closest humanity has come to world peace.”

Living on prayer and world peace, what’s not to love?