SPOTTED: Man bench-presses goose for 10 Minutes at LA Park, Goose Allegedly Loves it!


Remember when this man was found casually bench pressing a goose in the park? We still don't know who you are sir, but we salute you "Goose Whisperer."


Just a casual day in the park, nothing to see here…except a man bench pressing a goose in broad daylight. Scott Lowell an LA actor tweeted about the sight, and commented that the goose apparently loved it!

Lowell wrote, “It was ABSOLUTELY a real Goose!! After bench-pressing it he cradled it, tickled its tummy and then it walked away.” The man benching the goose is now called the “Goose Whisperer”—unfortunately, he remains unidentified.

Lowell shared with LA Weekly, “We saw it across the pond from us at Hollenbeck Park in Boyle Heights Sunday afternoon. At first, I thought he was lifting a baby… But no, it was a goose. He did not seem homeless as he had a bag of bread or something that he was feeding to the other geese and ducks at the park. He seemed more like a ‘Goose Whisperer.’” What a funny sight to behold!