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3 Ways to Make Meal Planning Easier


Meal planning doesn't have to be so time consuming. Here are three helpful strategies to make meal planning just a little bit easier.
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We’re always looking for extra ways to make meal planning maven status easier to reach. I hope that by the end of this post you’ll find some easy tips to help you save money, eat healthier and feel really good and energized while you do. No coffee required. (But, you can still drink coffee because it’s so yummy.)

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Okay, here are my top three strategies to make your meal planning ridiculously easy:

1. Organize your master grocery list according to department.

Put things like dairy, meat, veggies etc. together on your grocery list. Title each category in your master list accordingly, so you know that is the area of the grocery store you need to visit for those items. I used to just write down everything, and not organize my grocery list… and then I ended up going back and forth to the same departments over and over again. This will make your shopping so much quicker!

2. Themed nights.


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Did someone say “Taco Tuesday?” If the idea of looking through dozens of dinner recipes on your Pinterest board seems daunting, start by giving each night of the week a different theme. You could have pasta Monday, Taco Tuesday, slow cooker Wednesday… whatever works for you. This narrows down the recipes that you need to look for and can streamline the process. Additionally, if your kids are old enough, it can be a fun way to get them involved by looking for a recipe that they want to try on a certain theme night.

3. Use a grocery list app during the week.

I don’t recommend using a grocery list app to create your master list, as it can be annoying to have to go back into your phone every four seconds when you’re at the store. But, I use one during the week when I run out of a staple (like olive oil, salt, etc.) that I know is going to be in many of the recipes I will be planning for the next week. Then, when it comes to making your master list, take a quick look at your app’s list to make sure there isn’t anything that you think you have, but you actually need to buy. This will keep you extra prepared for the week ahead.

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