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Bet You Didn’t Know Horses Could Do This!


Horses have an incredible capacity to love, encourage and heal. So for national “I Love Horses Day,” we’ve rounded up some videos that show just a few ways that horses amaze us.

“A horse doesn’t care how much you know until he knows how much you care. Put your hand on your horse and your heart in your hand.” -Pat Parelli

The bond between horses and humans is one that dates back far in time—they have been intertwined in our history whether in battle, herding cattle alongside cowboys in the wild west, as our main source of transportation or simply as beloved companions. Their courage and strength have led them to positions in the police force and the military—while their intelligence, kindness and sensitivity make them wonderful therapy companions and friends.

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For national “I Love Horses Day,” we’ve rounded up some videos that show just a few ways that horses amaze us with their love, heroics and grace:

1. We love them for their patience.

Not all heroes wear capes. Case in point: this horse hero who patiently let his two-year-old friend take him for a walk, no matter how many distractions presented themselves along the way!

2. We love them for their determination.

Magic and her owner, Anna, were out for a ride when Magic came across one of her greatest fears: water. Although it is very clear that Magic is nervous, with a bit of encouragement, she takes a cue from Anna and shows just how determined horses can be at addressing their fears head-on, especially with the help of a human friend!

3. We love them for their ability to heal.

Spring Reins of Life is a non-profit that uses horses and therapy to help veterans—and the horses in this program have a unique ability to show veterans with PTSD find the courage, consistency and love they so desperately need on their road to recovery.,

4. We love them for their sweet friendship.

The bond between horse and human is often the one celebrated, but horses have the ability to form unlikely (and adorable) friendships with others, too! You’ll have to watch this sweet bond between a mini horse and a dog to believe it…

5. We love them for their loyalty and love.

These wild horses that were separated by a government-led, wild-horse roundup are finally reunited and it’s a moment that will pull at your heartstrings. Moments like this prove the universal, incredible power of love.  

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6. We love them for their bravery.

After seeing him on a news segment the night before, a highway camera caught a picture of Eileen Eagle Bears and her horse, Mr. Smudge, delivering coffee to a stranded trucker during a terrible storm in Manitoba.

“I thought to myself that I should go and help him if he was still there in the morning,” she told BuzzFeed.

And that they did. In the morning, when the truck was still there, Eileen put a blanket on Mr. Smudge, made a thermos of coffee, and set out for the half-hour journey to the truck. Eileen and Mr. Smudge returned multiple times with more coffee and food until the driver was safely able to make it out of the snow.