WATCH: Little Girl With Cancer Cries for Joy as She’s Reunited With Dad, Viewers Moved to Tears


This dad finally got to come home after living away from home to keep his daughter battling leukemia safe amid COVID-19. Their reunion is everything!

For seven weeks, 4-year-old Mila Sneddon had to see her dad through a glass window as he stood outside.

The young girl from Scotland has a rare form of leukemia and her father, Scott, had to keep going to work amid the COVID-19 lockdown, so he chose to live away from home to protect her.

That all ended recently and the reunion was nothing short of heartening.

In a video shared by The Telegraph, little Mila sits at the window with her mom, Lynda, as they both watch Scott. Lynda knows what is about to happen and can hardly contain her emotions as her husband walks up to the house, seemingly to say his normal “hi” through the window to their daughter.

But, instead, he reaches for the door and steps inside.

They hesitate for a moment, their safe routine broken, before Mila’s face lights up and her arms outstretch. They embrace in the small kitchen, and Mila begins to cry, overcome with emotion. Her dad tears up, too and tells her “Oh, I love you,” his eyes glistening. Reunited after nearly two months apart, the family forms a circle in the kitchen and pulls in for a big hug.

During the separation, Mila continued receiving chemotherapy treatments and even lost her hair. Her story caught the attention of the local media and began to spread, even resulting in a shout out from two of the family’s favorite actors, Ant and Dec, a comedic team from England.

The duo took to ITV News and called on the community to “stay at home so we can protect her and thousands and thousands of people like her.”

Through it all, Lynda, her mom, cared for her and experienced a devastating loss of her own—her grandmother to COVID-19.

Though Scott was furloughed from work, the long-awaited moment of returning to his home and family was all that he needed and longed for.

Families in the U.K. are continuing lockdown as the nation has the highest reported cases of COVID-19 in Europe with 240,000 confirmed cases. The U.S. leads the world with 1.5 million confirmed cases.