Lisa Bevere’s “Adamant” Will Help You Find Truth in a World of Opinions


We, as humans, are constantly seeking truth in our lives. Lisa Bevere’s new book, “Adamant: Finding Truth in a Universe of Opinions,” will inspire you to be unmovable, determined and steadfast in the truth of Jesus.

It can be hard to find truth in a world saturated with strong opinions. People seem in constant pursuit of truth, attempting to navigate the newest cultural trends that promise to be “the answer” to all our problems.

But in New York Times bestselling author Lisa Bevere’s new book, “Adamant: Finding Truth in a Universe of Opinions,” now available for purchase, she suggests that perhaps the reason this search seems so difficult is that people are searching for something when they should be searching for someone.

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Lisa begins by introducing us to the meaning and history of “adamant.” In the ancient world, adamant was known as both a diamond and a mythical indestructible stone. Mathematicians, philosophers and mystics first imagined the existence of a stone like no other, simultaneously impenetrable and unbreakable. For more than two millennia, people searched for this stone, yet failed to find it.

This, Lisa explains, is where Jesus comes in. What if, she ponders, Jesus is the Adamant? Solid as an indestructible rock. Adamant.

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“We have chosen to become what we do and yet remain unfulfilled,” writes Bevere. “We use technology to throw stones at people we will never see. When truth becomes fluid, we lose contact with answers larger than ourselves. Real truth is a rock. Indivisible. Immovable. Jesus is truth. And I propose Jesus is the Adamant.”

In today’s contemporary culture, adamant is used to describe a posture of “unshakable resolve and determination.” And if there ever was a time to be adamant about truth and love, it is now.

In “Adamant,” Lisa uses Scripture to lead readers on a journey into the Mountain of God, adamant about God’s unshakable truth and love, and ready to take on a world that might reject it. “Adamant” will encourage you to be unmovable, determined and steadfast. It’s not always easy to feel unmovable and determined in a world that promotes truth to be a river that changes and flows with the passing of time—when in fact, truth is a rock, solid and unchanging no matter the time or place.

“Live in wonder of the immovable, invincible, impervious, adamant Cornerstone who longs to astound you with his loving faithfulness.”

Lisa walks readers through living adamantly in Christ through the chapters of her book: “Adamantly Constant,” “Adamant in Love,” “Adamant in Truth,” Adamant in Word,” to name just a few. And it’s through these chapters that the concept of putting our trust in the unbreaking rock that is Jesus truly becomes clear. Through stories that are honest with no front of perfection, Lisa seamlessly weaves passages of Scripture into her personal narrative. We will not always be perfectly steadfast, this is for certain. But it’s not about perfection, it’s about the recommitment to the ultimate “Adamant” we know to hold the truth: Jesus.

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In chapter 5, “Adamant That We Love,” for example, Lisa shares a number of very personal stories that outline the many ways that love can materialize and live in your life. Readers start the chapter learning about her trip to Iraq where she visited the ministry Preemptive Love. She was drawn to a young girl, Sarah, who had lost her father to violence with ISIS. She, like Lisa, had also lost an eye. By sharing stories and words of hope and love with Sarah—unknown to Lisa at the time—she changed her life. We move on to Lisa’s relationship with her mother; “To say that my mother and I had relational challenges is an understatement of grand proportions,” she writes. Their conversations were layered with tension and misunderstanding, yet, the only words that Lisa regrets are the ones she didn’t say: “I love you.” And finally, Lisa opens up about her marriage, a love that has withstood the test of time with its highs and lows. It’s through the honesty of seeing love in its many forms that she is able to not just tell readers to love and why it is important, but through example, she shows what it might actually look like.

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“Adamant” truly is a bold call to help readers abide in Christ, encouraging them to find an anchor in the unchanging nature of God. Lisa authentically weaves Biblical truths with practical application, shining light on God’s unconditional love for His people.

So, as Lisa encourages, “Lift your life and honor the Stone from which you were hewn. Live in wonder of the immovable, invincible, impervious, adamant Cornerstone who longs to astound you with his loving faithfulness.”

Immovable. Invincible. Immovable. Adamant.


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