LightWorkers Original Series

37 Seconds of Good News

Even though there’s craziness in the world, there are always organizations and individuals doing extraordinary things and trying to make a difference. This series gives good news a prominent platform to brighten people’s days and inspire them to share the good. From 101-year-old skydiving grandpas to community refrigerators designed to eliminate food waste while feeding the hungry, we guarantee that this series will bring hope to your feed and a smile to your face.

A Moment of Light

A Taste of Grace

As a prolific children’s pastor, Seth Dahl has traveled the world speaking about how to bring God into every aspect of family life, but seeing him at home on his farm, sharing that wisdom while surrounded by his own young children, puts it all into perspective.

An Ode To…

Life’s too short not to appreciate your favorite foods. By “appreciate” we mean produce hilarious and visually engaging videos about them to rally others with similar palates, and by “foods” we mean everything from chocolate to French fries, pizza to donuts. Love them or (how dare you!) hate them, these are the grocery store staples that make adulting better.

Animal Classroom

Yes, animals are adorable and awe-inspiring wonders of nature, but they’re also really wonderful teachers. Dogs are fiercely loyal, penguins have fascinating mating rituals and meerkats… well, meerkats are just hilarious to watch. This series spotlights the important life lessons that pets and wild animals can teach us. Class is now in session!

Beyond the Calling

There are countless ways to serve the Lord, but the people profiled in this series truly defy the norm. Their identities and chosen paths in life will surprise and delight, and their unexpected ways to worship will leave you inspired.

Box of Butterflies

In Box of Butterflies, Roma Downey shares a collection of deeply touching and personal stories that offer encouragement and hope. Whether it’s finding purpose out of pain, the importance of everyday kindness or embracing each moment as it comes, this series reminds us to find and collect the blessings in our own lives.

Box of Prayers


Can-Do-Able is all about helping you learn new skills – from making the perfect cheese plate to folding a fitted sheet to learning how to change your car’s tail lights, this adorably easy how-to series will help you master your everyday life in style.

Celebrity Interviews

You might think you know your favorite celebrity, but you’ve never seen them like this. Our interview series goes beyond the standard line of questioning, getting to the heart of what makes a person tick, from their unique perspective on life to their work ethic and everything in between.


Do you have an attitude for crafting? Even the most DIY-phobic won’t be able to resist this delightfully inspiring series designed to take the guesswork out of answering the age-old question: What should I do with my kids today? Each episode shows simple step-by-step instructions for a unique hands-on craft, with notes on which important skills it will also teach the little ones. Craft on!

Dad Does Lunch

Beau Coffron is a dad on a mission: To make his kids’ lunches the most important – and awesome – meal of the day. Why settle for the typical sandwich in a lunchbox when you can make magic out of two pieces of bread? With a little creative inspiration from Beau, your kids will have new reason to be excited to eat their fruits and veggies and you’ll be the hero of the cafeteria.

Daily Dose of Inspiration

Get Read

For anyone who thinks it’s taboo to discuss religion, this thoughtful book club series will change your mind. Our diverse and passionate panel tackles tough issues from classics and new releases alike, all while pulling out the practical lessons from each of the books they’ve read. Their conversations are real – never preachy – and they’re the perfect entry point to starting your own deliberations with friends and chiming in on ours on social.


Giftable is a series of thoughtful DIYs featuring Julianna Strickland and Natasha Feldman, two young women who have mastered the art of gift-giving. One part cooking series and one part creative gift box inspiration, the results are what Pinterest and Instagram were made for: unique, adorable and full-of-personality presents that will take your thoughtfulness game to the next level.

I Love My Goofy Pet

No matter how silly your pet is, there’s really no love like the love you have for your furriest family members. This funny series of shorts features peculiar pets and the owners who adore them.

I Struggle. I Rise.

We generally only hear about people’s toughest times in life as they’re going through them – but what about after the struggle? There’s a rise after every tough time that’s thrown our way, and by listening to the truth and the reality of people’s awful situations – whether their child committed suicide, they’re battling the demons of being sexually abused as a child or trying to overcome drug addiction – we can find hope in our own life struggles more easily.

In My Day

Everyone has something to share, but in our world where news travels at the speed of a tweet, the stories of the Baby Boomer and Silent generations are a bit more analog than what we’re used to. This series captures the insights and intelligence of regular people through compelling storytelling, so that our generations and the ones still to come will have a direct line to the wisdom of their elders.

LightWorkers Adventures

Men & Women from the Bible

Who’s your favorite Biblical figure? These love letters to the men and women of the Bible are meant to spotlight the unsung heroes, reminding us all that sometimes the supporting players in life can make the most meaningful contributions.

Office Guinea Pigs

You’ve seen it, you’ve heard about it, you’ve probably Googled it to get the real scoop… if you’re curious about a bizarre new beauty product, our office guinea pigs have done the dirty work to test it out. Watch, cringe, laugh, share, rinse and repeat! From bubbling face masks to charcoal toothpaste that leaves your mouth a goopy black mess, female face shaving (yes, it’s a thing) to deep pore cleaner that looks a lot like tar, we’ll try anything. And yes, we all actually work at LightWorkers…you may think your office bonding rituals were weird, but we’ll bet they don’t ask you to show off your blackheads to the world!

Role Modeling

Say Something Profound

Hello! How are you? Say something profound. It’s not your typical way to meet or greet someone, but that doesn’t mean people wouldn’t have an inspiring response if you did. Seth Dahl is a speaker, the children’s pastor at Bethel Church and a true people person. He believes that no matter who you’re talking to, wherever you are in the world, they will have something important to say if you let them.

Spotlight: Good

This series spotlights the charities, non-profits and individuals on the ground doing good work. We see the faces, hear the stories and experience the heart behind the work, inspiring people to get involved with this cause or any other near and dear their hearts.

Stay Coached

Hosted by Nathan Allen Pirtle, founder and CEO of digital and social media agency Work With The Coach, Stay Coached goes beyond the group teachings and clichéd motivations to get to the heart of an individual’s issues and help them truly overcome their obstacles. Along with this 25-episode series, Nathan will have a regular presence across LightWorkers’ social media channels, connecting with the audience, motivating them and offering advice, live and on-the-go.

The Brekkie Series

The Brekkie Series proves that easy doesn’t have to be unhealthy. Take back the most important meal of the day, and let’s make breakfast good again – together! Host Kara Elise is a pro at making any kitchen novice feel comfortable and empowered to throw out the recipes and make what tastes good to them. This series combines nutritional lessons with breakfast how-tos – from chia seed pudding and overnight oats to a full-blown brunch for friends – to start your day off right every day.

The Golden Rule

The Golden Rule reminds you to do unto others as you would have them do unto you – a simple life lesson, taught to small children before they even learn how to read, and yet it’s something we tend to forget in our everyday interactions. This series spotlights real people making a real difference – those good Samaritans doing simple acts of kindness across the country to make an impact on someone else’s life.

The Good Race

Matt Brown is an evangelist, author and co-founder of the non-profit Think Eternity, a digital and live event movement that brings the gospel to millions of people each year. Although short, his one-minute messages help answer some of faith’s deepest questions to guide you in the journey of faith.

Totally Accurate History!

Kids say the darndest things! This series is like the G-rated version of the ever-hilarious “Drunk History,” giving kids the spotlight to tell their versions of how things happened. From explaining the extinction of the dinosaurs to detailing the bizarre history of the waffle, these precocious teachers are way more entertaining than a textbook… and maybe even a tiny bit right.

Tough But Fair

Bestselling author Michelle McKinney Hammond isn’t afraid to tell it like it is. Having relationship issues? Trouble getting ahead at work? Feeling like your friends are bringing you down? Michelle’s tough but fair real-world advice is invaluable and instantaneous. One minute with Michelle and you’ll feel ready to conquer the world again – watch a few episodes and who knows what you’ll accomplish.


Aaron White is a poet, husband, motivational speaker and father who has a very unique way of getting his messages heard: spoken word. Truthmark gives White a new platform to share his unique perspective on life through his slam poetry, covering everything from happiness in the age of consumerism to the joys of parenthood. His wife Viergeni pops in for some rhymes of her own when they go deep into celebrating her baby bump and being new parents.

Welcome to Adulting

Crying babies, a constantly chaotic house and is that food stain on your shirt from lunch… or yesterday’s breakfast? Welcome to Adulting takes an unfiltered approach, seen through the day-to-day life of Mo Isom, illuminating what the best worst days look like for most busy parents today.

Welcome to Brooklyn

Welcome to Brooklyn! Brooklyn Wagner has a lot to say. About everything, really. She understands people and relationships, she always stops to celebrate the small things and she may not know what she is destined to be just yet, but she knows exactly what she isn’t… and isn’t that a start? (Bonus points: She also knows how to pickle things.) Join us each week as we delve deeper into the delightfully blunt and boisterously random brain of Brooklyn.